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Automated Feeding And Packaging Production Line

Automated Packaging Line

Automatic Feeding Packaging Line For food Mainly applied such as chocolate, candy, wafer cake, energy bar solid objects materials. To meet the requirement of automatic high-speed transport, sorting, feeding and automatic packaging products.High sensitivity and preciseness SICK photocell tracking to control product position exactly. Adopt full stainless steel structure. Humanized design, and easy install, disassemble, and maintenance....
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Automatic Feeding  Packaging Line For food Applications


Bakery food (bread ,cake,cookies,bisciut)

Chocolate Bar


          Chocolate Bar



        Nougat Candy

Automatic Feeding  Packaging Line mutil flow wrap feeding line

 full automated packaging line

automated pacakaging line

Automatic Feeding  Packaging Line single  line:



1. Automatic Feeding  Packaging Line For food  can be directly connected to the finished product  conveyor belt of the front-end processing line, which can meet the requirements of large-scale single-product, batch-oriented survival packaging, and can also adopt manual dumping way to meet small batches of multi-species specifications, multiple batches  Production packaging requirements. This product can be personalized according to the characteristics of the material to avoid extrusion deformation 

2. In the case of material congestion, stacking, and unsuccessful steering, it can be automatically removed without stopping the machine to ensure production and packaging; continuity and stability.

3.Automatic Feeding  Packaging Line For food Adopts multi-stage variable frequency speed regulation, servo drive control, simple and convenient operation, stable operation, high control precision and low energy consumption.

4. Automatic Feeding  Packaging Line For food  adopts all stainless steel and aluminum alloy structure, humanized design, installation, disassembly, maintenance, simple and fast.5. This product is the automation of material conveying, finishing, arranging, feeding and packaging.


Film widthmax 250max320max350max450max600
bag length65-280mm65-280mm65-280mm13-450mm120-500mm
bag width30-11050-15050-16050-180100-280mm
film diameter320mm
film thickness0.025-0.06mm
othernitogen gas fiiling device

packaging sample:

packaging food

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