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Snacks Food Packaging

Snacks Food Packaging

snack food packaging our machine can pack Granola bar , energy bar packaging,popcorn, patato chips, nuts,French fries,namkeen,seeds,dry fruits ect,different snack food use different machine, pls kindly contact us send your product get the solution...

10809754_155102506000_2chips puff food packaging 



nuts packaging 


dry fruit packagong  (6)

dry fruit Cranberry packaging


cashew nuts

 cashew nut peanuts pouch bag pacakging


frech fries

namkeen packaging


small weight biscuit

bisciut in bulk packaging 


granola bar pacakging 



chewing gun packaging



candy in bulk packaging 


All this kind packaging is pack by pillow packing machine HFFS or VFFS,Pls contact us if you want buy machine to packaging!

packing machine

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