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5 Gram Sugar Packing Machine

5 gram sugar packing machine...
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5 gram sugar packing machine

  1. KL-160A (2)

    sugar白糖STICK 包装


Suitable for puffed food, peanut, melon seeds, rice, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, beans, corn, biscuits and other granular solid materials pacakging.



1.Easy operation

2.Durable with compact structure

3.Save energy and manpower saving



1.The machine structure is compact, step motor to pull membrane, soild, Reliable, stable performance, low noise.

2.Using photoelectric eye control system, reliable and stable performance.

3.The frequency control of motor speed, more stable operation, lower noise, low failure rate.

4.Automatic from measuring, bagging, date printing to finished products output off.

5. Use spring compression principle, pneumatic cutting, five package more stable.



Technical Specifications:

Flim roll width320mm
Bag length30-200mm
Bag width50-150mm
Measurement range50-500ml
Packing speed30-80 bag/min
PowerPET/220V, 50/60Hz, 2.2kw

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