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Automatic Horizontal Packing Machine Production Line

Automatic Horizontal Packing Machine Production Line

full automtaic packaging production one, one line feeding with 2 flow wrap machine!...


Automatic horizontal packing machine production lineMain performance and structural features:

1. The  packaging unit (vertical) consists of a pull conveyor, a sinking conveyor, an automatic material handling unit and an automatic packaging machine. The products such as steamed cakes are subjected to the distance sorting and sinking distribution. Detecting and controlling the sunken conveyor, automatically distributing it to each automatic material handling unit for alignment, positioning and then entering the automatic packaging machine for packaging. It achieves the effects of continuous production, orderly, low scrap rate and beautiful packaging.

2, a single line packaging speed of up to 80-130 bags / minute.

3. The whole line adopts 220V 50HZ power supply. As shown in the figure, the total power of one to two is about 10KW.

Automatic horizontal packing machine production line 



Automatic horizontal packing machine production lineAdvantage:

1. this packaging unit (vertical) According to the soft and sticky characteristics of the product, it adopts the sinking platform to distribute, and the finishing is smoother and effectively improve the packaging effect.

2, the configuration of automatic blocking device, neatly arranged materials, orderly into the material handling unit finishing, to achieve smooth material delivery, accurate positioning, high speed and stability.

3, the material belt can realize quick disassembly and assembly without tools, and the slag trough is matched under the belt and at the interface, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning, saving time and effort

4, the overall structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to clean, easy to maintain, different specifications of product replacement adjustment and operation is simple, the parameter settings are simple

5. The conveyor belt is a food grade blue antibacterial PU belt, which can be equipped with anti-adhesive tape and white PU belt.

6, the control system uses high-quality electrical components, only PLC control, touch screen display, good man-machine interface, simple, intuitive and convenient operation.

Scope of application:Steamed cake processing packaging unit (vertical) is mainly for soft, sticky and neat products such as steamed cakes. 


full automatic flow pack line maintenance precautions 

1. In the full automatic flow pack line   work, if you want to use tools or sharps, you should be careful to avoid cutting the belt. Do not put or drop any items into the middle of the upper and lower belts. If you drop into the items accidentally , you should remove them and set them off.

 2. The inverter and motor can't enter the water. If it is not used for a long time, keep the environment in the environment dry, so as not to cause short circuit burnout. 

3. The reducer should check the internal oil from time to time. It can be seen from a small circular window outside. If the oil is not enough or the oil is not enough, the internal gear friction will be large. The long-term work will put the gear in this case. The polishing damage is unusable, and the oil should be replaced when the equipment is used for half a year or one year. 

4. The chain on the flow pack equipment, the bearing on the head and tail drum, and the small roller on the surface, all of which must be lubricated with oil or oil from time to time to prevent strange sounds when the oil is short. damage

5. When the inverter is turned off, it is best to modulate it to zero, so as to avoid items on the belt when starting up, causing some unreasonable loss. If the pipeline equipment does not have the function of forward and reverse rotation, the inverter should not be designed with the reverse function, and its function can be locked to avoid the friction caused by the reverse rotation of the belt.

A variety of automatic packaging machines have become the choice of many enterprises, compared with the traditional ordinary packaging machine automatic packaging machine to greatly improve work efficiency and automation, intelligence. The design is more user-friendly and reduces the possibility of operator exposure. The operating system and visual human-machine interface make operation easier and reduce the professional culture requirements of operators, effectively reduce the occurrence of physical errors and accidents, and reduce the labor intensity of labor. Save labor, shorten the trial cycle of new products and the production process time, and bring huge economic benefits to the company in many aspects. With its beautiful appearance, compact system, stable operation and high production efficiency, the automatic packaging machine has great potential for future development and can be combined with other equipment into a new machine. With the rapid development of science and technology, automation is not only the need of production, but also an indispensable part of people's life. Industrial automation is not only a huge challenge for manufacturers, but also a big for packaging machinery companies. The challenges, the reform and innovation of automated assembly line technology, the improvement and optimization of automation equipment, all need to be further improved.

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