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1~5pcs Automtic Wafer Biscuit Packaging Machine

1~5pcs Automtic Wafer Biscuit Packaging Machine

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automtic wafer biscuit packaging machine Applications:

Packaging various kinds of regular objects like biscuits, pies, chocolates, bread, instant noodles, moon-cake, drugs, daily appliances, industrial parts, paper boxes, plates, etc.

automtic wafter biscuit packaging machineFeature:

1.Easy operation

2.Durable with compact structure

3.Save energy and manpower saving


automtic wafer biscuit packaging machine Specification:

1.Dual frequency conversion control, bag length can be cut in one step, saving time and film.

2.interface features easy and quick setting and operation.

3.Self failure diagnosis, clear failure display.

4.High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, numerical input of cutting sealing position for estra accuracy.

5.Temperature independent PID control, more suitable for packaging deifferent materials

6.Positioned stop function, without sticking knife of wasting film.

7.Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.

8.All controls is realized through software, easy for function adjusting and technical upgrade.



automtic wafer biscuit packaging machine Packing conveyor and pusher (food grade stainless steel)           

Designed according to the required of customer and the material ready to pack

Other device for option:

1. Euro hole

2. air device.

3. link bag device.

4. Nitrogen generator device

5. Anti-empty bag device

6. Anti-cutting device

7. Automatic feeding device

8. Automatic sorting and feeding device


Euro hole device

Food Packing Equipment Automatic Feeding Sandwich Biscuit Waffle Wafer Packing Machine

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