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The biscuit packaging machine is an exclusive category of food packaging in the packaging machine. It is divided into semi-automatic biscuit packaging machine and automatic biscuit packaging machine from the performance, and is divided into ordinary biscuit packaging machine and automatic trayless packaging machine from the packaging form.Below we introduce the semi-auto packaging machine for biscuit...
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Pillow-type biscuit packaging machine adopts intelligent man-machine interface, adopts dual frequency converter for control, adopts high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking sealing and cutting technology, and it has many leading functions and technologies. Summarizing the pillow biscuit packaging machine for packaging has the following eight advantages.


1. The pillow-type biscuit packaging machine saves energy and has high efficiency, and can be adjusted according to the needs of different markets. It is controlled by software, which not only retains the advantages but also keeps pace with the times.

2. The transmission system of the pillow-type biscuit packaging machine is simple and stable, which not only realizes one-time discharge, packaging, sealing and cutting, but also effectively improves the packaging efficiency.

3. The pillow-type biscuit packaging machine has the function of positioning and stopping. In the process of final sealing and sealing of the packaging, not only the precision is relatively accurate, but also the sealing cutter does not stick to the packaging film when continuously shrinking and sealing.

4. The pillow-type biscuit packaging machine has a low scrap rate. The automatic detection device is installed in the transmission system, which will not allow the empty package to enter the sealing and cutting process, and will automatically stop and remove, which can improve the quality and avoid the waste of the packaging film.

5, pillow packaging machine packaging environment is hygienic and reliable, no manual intervention is required in the whole packaging process, and the materials in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel, even the drive shaft is free of oil.

6, the adjustment system is flexible, the packaging range is very broad, all kinds of specifications, shapes and traits of goods can be packaged by pillow packaging machine, such as: biscuits, potato chips, paper towels, soap, hardware, cartons and so on.

7, pillow-type biscuit packaging machine is widely used, food, daily necessities, medicine, hardware, stationery, toys and other fields of packaging needs can be satisfied.

8, the degree of automation is high, the whole machine is controlled by single-chip microcomputer and stepper motor. Therefore, the pillow packaging machine is safe and reliable in operation, and the setting parameters are simple and convenient!


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