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Egg Roll Packaging Machine

Single egg roll packaging machine ,No pallet egg roll packaging machine , egg roll food pillow packaging machine,group of egg roll packing machine, multi egg roll packaging machine~...

     Single egg roll packaging machine ,No pallet egg roll packaging machine , egg roll food pillow packaging machine,group of egg roll packing machine, multi egg roll packaging machine


Egg Roll Packaging Machine Feature:

  1. The function of the egg roll packaging machine  self-diagnosis  is automatically diagnosed when the fault occurs, and the fault display is clear.

  2. All controls are implemented by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrade, and never lags behind.

  3. The high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking is used, and the position of the digital input sealing cut is made, so that the sealing position is cut more accurately.

  4. The knife seat is strengthened and the sealing is more strict.

  5. Can be connected to the inflator for wider performance.

  6. One machine multi-purpose, can achieve diversified packaging of the same type of products

  7. The coding system can be added, and the packaging is more reliable.

  8. We use a dual encoder and the performance is more stable.

  9.  It can be equipped with anti-cutting device, which is safe and secure.

  10. he quantity that needs to be packaged can be set. When the quantity is reached, it will stop automatically. The packaging film will not stick to the knife and will not waste the packaging film.

  11.  It is controlled by two frequency converters, easy to maintain, less wear and tear, long life, and the bag length can be adjusted freely and more intelligently. The length of the bag can be set at any time at any time. It is not necessary to adjust the empty film slowly. One step is in place, which not only saves time but also saves a lot of packaging film. For some products, it also saves manpower.

  12. Temperature independent PID control, using two intelligent thermometers, one horizontal seal and one vertical seal, can be adjusted at any time to adjust the temperature of the packaging film, better suited to various packaging materials.

  13. The transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.

  14. Using intelligent touch screen interface, parameter setting is simple and easy to understand.

  15.  Each sealing temperature is independently controlled, suitable for a variety of packaging materials, and the sealing is beautiful and firm.

Egg roll packing machine Specification :





Film   Width




Bag   Length




Bag   Width




Product   Height




Packing   Speed





220V   50/60Hz 2.4KW

220V   50/60Hz 2.8KW

220v   50/60Hz 2.8KW

Machine Size





Machine   Weight

About   500kg

About   550kg

About   650kg

蛋卷包装1_conew1    中图


1 (1)

Shipping a whole set of the machine:

 1. Preparing and checking the toolbox wearing part and the manual book.

 2. Cleaning the dust and the scrap after testing the machine with the air pump.

 3. Apply rust-proof liquid.

 4. Disassemble some certain part of the machine.

 5. All the disassemble part, toolbox, main machine package by film

 6. There will have screw fix the machine at the bottom of the wooden case



1) Which machine suitable for me? How can I chose?

  All our machine is customized for a big factory or a small business.

  1. To figure out the product you will pack

  2. The dimension of the product or the dimension of the packing bag

Length, width and height? Weight per bag?

  3. Bag type

If you are not sure, we can help you to fine a perfet bags and provide you a project for you to choose.


 4. For the control panel,how many languages are available?

A1 Usually,English and Chinese are available,if you would like to have other language,pls let us know in advance


5.What’s material of machine?

6. Carbon steel and stainless steel are available.


7.What’s the material for conctacted parts of machine?

 Stainless steel


8. What kind of packing film can be used?

  Complex film roll,such as OPP/CPP,CPP/PE,MST/PE/PET/PE.

2) It's the machine durable or ensure long-time use?

  1. We have spare part production department most of our spare part is producing by our factory and our engineers master every part will good to the running of the machine.

    2. Well maintain is not to be ignored


3) How long the delivery date?

The small machine is 15-20days and the large machine will be 20-45 days.


4) How about the After-sale service?

1. With professional after-sales service team, we can provide you with a satisfied and technical service no matter which country you are in.


2. Any videos of packing machine installation, adjusting, setting, maintenance are available.


3.If you get any problem about the machine and the video can not help,we can supply you online video service to fix you problem,such as whatsapp,we chat,skype. 


4. Warranty : 1years(Electric accessories) and free life-time maintenance.

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