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Manual Bag Clipping Tying Machine For Bread

Manual Bag Clipping Tying Machine For Bread

Clipping machine intended for closing of plastic bags containing bakery products or other materials with wire clips which makes safe and esthetic finish of unit cut the wire and seal the bag at the same time,lost cost for small stoore bakery bread ,very economical and practical!...
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Packaging scope:


     Baking, candy, bread, toast, small food, stationery, gifts, decorations, daily chemicals, etc.



   100 type bag clipping   equipment is a new generation of practical tying equipment that is researched and developed  comprehensively improved by introducing advanced foreign models and combining with the further demand of the packaging market. (Working principle: the bag is folded and folded in the form of a pattern → gold wire tie ring type bundling → tightening fixed → completed)


      The machine has been replaced with a stainless steel body that is durable and meets higher food hygiene requirements; a purely pneumatic fool-type operating system that does not require a power supply, suitable for all types of workers; equipped with high-end brand "Yadeke" pneumatic components, effectively reducing The failure rate of the machine improves the working efficiency; the automatic one-fold fan-shaped tie makes the package more tidy, solid, beautiful and fashionable. It is an ideal packaging equipment for baking, candy, biscuits, small foods, craft gifts, daily chemicals and other industries.

After-sales service: The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, lifetime tracking and maintenance, long-term supply of original spare parts, and professional senior technicians to provide consultation and technical guidance at any time.


          Packaging material: wire tie



          Packing objects: film bags, paper bags, non-woven bags, etc.

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      Basic parameters:

Machine name Fan-shaped tie machine
machine type kl-100
Speed 30~40 bags/min
Maximum bandwidth 250mm
Cable tie length 100mm
Gas pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa

Total Weight

Dimensions 600mm*700mm*1000mm
Scope of application Candy, bread, toast, stationery, gifts, decorations
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