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Energy Bar Packing Machine

Energy Bar Packing Machine

Campbell manufactures horizontal flow wrappers, automatic feeding systems, and product distribution systems for breakfast bars, chocolate bars, granola bars, and many other bar products....
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Sanitary machine design allows for easy clean-up
Doube inverter Control System
Robust machine construction
Cantilevered design
High machine speeds increase production
Changeover from one product size to another is quick and easy, reducing downtime
Machines provide gentle handling for delicate products
reduced risk of machine jams to eliminate wasted products and packaging material
Wrappers can easily be integrated with full line of automatic feeding/product distribution systems and other upstream or downstream equipment.
 manufactures feeding and packaging machinery for many bar products such as:

Breakfast bars
Chocolate candy bars
Crisped rice bars
Energy bars
Granola bars
Health bars
Protein bars 


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