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Fresh Fruit Packaging Machine

fresh fruit packaging machine for orange, lenmon, apple ect fresh bag packaging...
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(1) Main performance and structural characteristics

1. The whole machine is compact, firm, reasonable and simple.

2. Adopt photoelectric eye control system, reliable and stable performance.

3. Fully automatic fruiting, filling and bag making, packaging product output is completed in one time.

(2) Scope of application:

(3) It is suitable for automatic packaging of navel orange, lemon, passion fruit and other fruits. (Packable plastic wrap)

(4) Main technical parameters:

(5) Production capacity: 10-70bag/min

(6) Scope of measurement: self-fruiting, automatic bag making, automatic packaging;

(7) Bag size: length (L) 100-200mm can be adjusted width (W) 50-150mm

(8) Total power: 1.2KW

(9) Net weight: 160 KG

(10) Packaging materials: plastic wrap

(11) Dimensions: about 3620 (L) × 900 (W) × 1500 (H) mm

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