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Automatic fresh vegetable packaging machine

Automatic fresh vegetable packaging machine

KL-600TX fresh Vegetable Packing Machine Servo control system, flexible bag length cutting, , saving time and saving films. Automatic optical scanning material length, automatic fix bag length!easy install and operation !...
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Scope applicant  of Automatic fresh vegetable packaging machine

It is suitable for the packaging vegetables, such leaf vegetables,lettuce, celtuce,spinach, cucumber, cabbage, garlic, vegetable heart, spinach, vegetable heart, leek, bracken.spinach and so on. 

Advantages for automatic vegetable pillow packing machine

1.Saving time and film. Controlled by dual frequency inverter, the bag can be  cut as soon as the the

length of the bag  have set, no need to adjust the idle running.

2. Human computer interface (HCI), easy for parameter setting.

3. fault sSelf checking function, fault self detected, clearly display.

4. High sensitivity photoelectric eyes, color code tracking(Light Sensor), digitizing input accurate

 positioning when cutting and sealing.

5. Temperature controlled by independent PID, suitable for different packing materials. 

6. Positioned stop setting, no sticking cutter. 

7. Simple power train system, working reliable, easy for maintenance.

8. All controlled by software, easy for function adjustment and technology upgrade.

9.Customization is welcome.

Automatic fresh vegetable packaging machine Specification



Film width

Max. 600mm

bag length


bag width


product height


roll film

Max. 320mm

packaging speed




machine size


machine weight




vegetable Packing machine Details:

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Kindly let us know the follow packing details when you offer, then we can check which model is suitable for your case:

  1.Product details(pictures)
  2.Width, length of your pouch /  bag / sachet
  3. Pouch shape
  4.Packing film material
  5.Machine frame

We will always at your service

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