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Vegetable Packaging Machine In New Zealand

Vegetable Packaging Machine In New Zealand

vegetable packaging machine in New Zealand,We have export vegetable packing machine ,New keli Pack Factory Machine is your your best choice for vegetable packing machine !...
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The listing of unprocessed sauerkraut will not only lead to the production of a large amount of vegetable waste in the city, but also affect the urban environmental sanitation, and the cost of garbage transportation will also increase greatly.

Therefore, in order to build a modern city, the most suitable living city, an ecological city and a sanitary city, the traditional vegetable market has gradually disappeared. Instead, the major supermarkets and fresh-keeping chain stores have been replaced. All kinds of fresh foods have been packaged and started on the shelves. Sales.

Here is a bag vegetable automatic packaging machine for everyone:

The bag type vegetable sealing machine can make a vegetable packaging bag by itself, adjust the size of the vegetable storage bag according to the packaging object, wrap the vegetables through the conveyor belt, heat seal the mouth, and then cut into one finished product. In order to achieve higher automation and save labor costs, our vegetable packaging machine offers a variety of optional features:

1. Coder: Automatically print the date, eliminating the need for manual printing

2 Punch machine: Some high-breathing fruits and vegetables are prone to generate a lot of water vapor, and the holes can be breathable to prevent the water vapor from being too large and corrupt.

3. Inflating function: fill the package with the corresponding gas to achieve the purpose of preservation

4. No material shutdown: When the material is not placed in time, the equipment automatically stops energy saving and safe

5. Automatic feeding: material automatically enters, saving labor

More features or special needs can be designed by customer

Bag vegetable packaging machine parameters

Model 600 Type 700

Film width 600mm 700mm

Bag length 120mm~ 120mm~

Bag width 100-280mm 100-330mm

Product height 110mm (can be customized) 110mm (can be customized)

Packing speed 5-40 packs / min 5-40 packs / min

Power Specifications 220v 50HZ 220v 50HZ

Equipment size 4020*920*1460mm 4020*980*1480

Equipment weight 750kg

Film diameter 320mm 

vegetable pack



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