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Vegetable Packing Machine In India

Vegetable Packing Machine In India

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As a domestic advanced packaging equipment manufacturer, we are committed to providing solutions for product packaging. New Keli makes the packaging process need to be more effectively coordinated, maximizing the power of the process, avoiding secondary pollution, and making the company an efficient way. Increase productivity.

New Keli has a certain influence at home and abroad, and its products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, India, Huangguo and Colombia. Product technology is at the leading level of similar products in China, and has promoted the development of the industry. It has been widely used in food, hardware, industrial plastics, paper products, chemicals, agricultural products, daily necessities, disposables and other enterprises. With unique technical team, rich industry experience and leading innovation concept, we provide tailor-made solutions for customers in different industries. We have successfully provided excellent equipment and perfect services for many well-known domestic enterprises.

vegetable automatic packaging machine Leafy melon and fruit pillow packaging machine With leaf fresh vegetable packaging machinery There are several advantages:

1. The product looks clean and hygienic.

2. There are brands to check, and the brand has a long-term promotion effect.

3. Avoid cross infection. .

4. Avoid customers picking products that cause contamination.

5. Can extend the vegetable preservation time.

6. Improve product quality in a large number of messy vegetables.

7. Reduce the amount of waste caused by manual selection.

According to the investigation and research by relevant domestic departments, the biggest waste source of fresh vegetables is caused by the selection of a large number of fresh vegetables. Therefore, many vegetables are now being packaged separately in China, and the new Keli pillow-type automatic vegetable fresh-keeping bagging machine. All of you bring more high-grade packaging and increase production.

Hong Kong vegetable automatic packaging machine Leaf vegetable melon and fruit pillow packaging machine Leaf fresh vegetable packaging machinery: technical specifications



Film width


Bag length


Bag width


Product height


Packing speed



220v 50/60hz 2.8kw

Machine size


Machine weight



 大白菜 (2)_副本.jpg


带托西红柿 (2)_副本.jpg


叶菜图片 (6)_副本.jpg

葱 (5)_副本.jpg




The manual packaging has a large amount of labor, requires a large amount of labor, has large capital expenditures, and has low packaging efficiency. The product packaging specifications are uneven and prone to errors. Some merchant packaging machines have poor durability, high repair rate and high maintenance cost. The new Keli packaging machine is an efficient packaging machine that truly meets your actual production. The vegetable packaging machine is fully automatic bag making, printing production date, fresh keeping, fast packaging speed and high shipping speed. Reducing the touch of the human hand, avoiding the contact of vegetables by hands will become unfresh, and prolong the preservation time of the product. Make the vegetables cleaner and beautiful. The product packaging effect is more high-grade, maintaining high transparency, excellent shelf-up and exhibition. And does not affect transportation, storage and use.

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