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Candy Bar Wrapping Machine

Candy Bar Wrapping Machine

candy is delicious. Nougat refers to candy made from roasted nuts and honey. It is soft and hard. Soft is a white nougat made of protein, hard brown, made of caramel, hard and crisp. Traditional nougat is mainly produced in Spain, mainly consisting of roasted almonds, followed by honey and protein. Other places such as Australia also produce nougat. In the past, manual packaging, manpower, difficulty in recruiting, dirty and messy. Now with automatic sealing and packaging machine, it is safe, labor-saving, clean and hygienic....
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candy bar wrapping machineWorking principle and characteristics:

The automatic pillow packaging machine uses the variable frequency stepless speed regulating motor to drive the gear chain type continuously variable transmission through the V-belt to rotate the gearbox through the speed control chain. The different running speeds are obtained and then transmitted to the synchronous belt. The planetary differential mechanism adjusts the transport length of the paper film, and the output shaft of the gearbox rotates through the chain drive to drive the paper roll to transport the paper film. The output length of the paper film can be manually operated on the toothed chain governor.

 It is monitored by the photoelectric tracking color code during the packaging process. At the same time, the gearbox is also driven by multiple sets of chains to realize the packaged items. The movement of the conveyor belt, the paper feed roller, the pressure roller, the transverse sealing knife and the finished conveyor belt.

The wrapping paper film roll of the automatic pillow packaging machine is mounted on the shaft roller, and the packaged object is placed in the feeder (for the irregular shape of the object, manual feeding is required), and the conveyor belt automatically transports the packaged object to the packaging position. It is packaged in a paper film and then heated and pressed into a synthetic type. It is sent to the transverse sealing knife to heat seal and seal. The finished product is then output by the conveyor belt.

candy bar

candy bar wrapping machine Main Features

1. Panasonic double transducer control, flexible bag length cutting. Save time and film.

2. 7inch touch screen, easy operation and multiple language for choice.

3. Imported PLC system, machine performance is stable, convenient for parameters adjusting.

4. Self diagnosis failure function, machine error can be clearly displayed.

5. Separate PID temperature controller, suitable for various packing materials

6. High sensitivity optical photocell for eye mark tracking, digital input for cutting position.

7. Position stop function, no adhesive and no waste of membrane and protect cutting jaws.

8. Simple driving system, stable performance and convenient maintenance.

9. According to product, the input conveyor can use pusher, belt or film for transportation.

candy bar wrapping machine Packaging material requirements:

1, must meet food hygiene requirements, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, will not directly or indirectly contaminate 

.2, good sealing performance, impervious to water and as airtight as possible, so as not to make candyThe tide becomes dry and hard, and the fragrance is lost.

3. For mechanical packaging, the packaging material preferably has certain mechanical properties to facilitate mechanical operation and protect the product from mechanical damage

.4. The price is suitable, and the packaging quality is improved as much as possible within a certain cost range.

Our service

Custom-made machine:
Any required custom-made machine can be designed and manufactured for convenient operation and reasonable cost.


1.We provide videos and instruction manual to show the process of installation.
2.We provide training for installation for free in our factory.
3.We can send technician to buyer's factory to install the machine and provide training service.


After Sales Service:
1. The machine will have one year warranty.

During the warranty year if any of the parts broken not by man-made.We will free charge to replace the new one to you.The warranty will begin after the machine send out.
2. Free lifetime technique support.
3.After the warranty period, the spares for replacement are offered based on certain charge.


Q1: How to find a Packing machine suitable for my product?
Tell us about your product details and packing requirements.
1. What kind of product you would liek to pack?
2. The bag/sachet/pouch size of you need for the product packing ( the length, width).
3. The weigh of each pack you need.
4. You requirement for the machines and the bag style. 

Q2: Is engineer available to serve oversea?
Yes, but the travel fee is responsible by you.
In order to save your cost, we will send you a video of full details machine installation and assist you till the end.

Q3. How can we make sure about the machine quality after placking the order?
Before delivery, we will send you the pictures and videos for you to check the machine quality.
And also you can arrange for quality checking by yourself or by your contacts in China.

Q4. We are afraid you won't send us the machine after we send you the money?
We have our business license and certificate. And it is available for us to use alibaba trade assurance service,guarantee your money, and guarantee your machine's on-time delivery and machine quality.

Q5. Can you explain me the whole transaction process ?
1.Sign the Contact.
2.Arrange 30% deposit to our factory.
3.Factory arrange production.
4.Testing & detecting the machine before shipping
5.Inspected by customer or third agency through online or site test.
6.Arrange the balance payment before shipment.


Q6: Will you provides the delivery service?
A: Yes. Please inform us of your final destination, we will check with our shipping agent to quote the shipping cost for your reference before delivery.

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