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Heat Shirnk Wrapping Machine For Aluminium Pipe

Heat Shirnk Wrapping Machine For Aluminium Pipe

suitable for: Such as polished aluminum, alumina, bathroom aluminum, profiles, etc. in order to avoid surface treatment will be destroyed. Generally, the bag will be put up and then run or sold. The work of this bag is mostly manually operated. However, some aluminum materials are not only long and heavy, but sometimes there are some chemical materials that have just been processed. Direct contact with humans for a long time. Not only is it unsafe, but it is also a labor force. So there was a machine automatic bagging machine, and the robot hand pulled the bag over the aluminum or stainless steel tube. But this machine is not stable. Moreover, packaging aluminum materials of different sizes, the pipe is very troublesome to adjust. In recent years, Xinkeli's aluminum packaging machine not only has a fast packaging speed. easy to use. It is more convenient and simple to use. And the machine is stable and there are few faults. No matter who can operate. The packaging materials used are also getting cheaper and cheaper. In general, using machines can reduce the cost of packaging!...



1. This machine is controlled by two servo motors with high precision. It is only necessary to set the data when replacing the product specifications, which is simple and convenient.

2, intelligent parameter setting function, reduce the number of downtimes and failures, allowing workers to complete more products at the same time.

3. Inductive fiber optic sensing, automatic identification of material length for bag making and bag cutting, length and length products can be packaged at the same time.

4. No film when no material is used, which saves packaging materials.

5. The machine has the function of saving and recording. When the packaged product is replaced, it can be directly produced by direct switching, without re-adjustment, reducing material loss during the adjustment process, saving time and film.

  6. The machine has the function of automatically displaying the system failure. When the machine fails, the system directly displays the cause of the failure and the maintenance steps, and promptly eliminates the trouble, and the maintenance and maintenance is simpler and more convenient.

7. With power shrink tunnel. Automatically placed behind the packaging machine. Convenient and easy!

Technical specifications


model KL-T350X
Film width Max.350mm
Product length 1m-6.m
Bag width 50~160mm
Product height Max.80mm
Film roll diameter Max.320mm
Packing speed 1 to 70 / min
Power Specifications 220V, 50/60HZ, 3.2KW
Machine size (L) approximately 13,000 × (W) 720 × (H) 1320 mm
Machine quality 850Kg
Remarks Pinhole exhaust


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