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Aluminum Profile Packaging Machine

Aluminum profile packaging machine Aluminum Extrusion Profile for Packaging Machine Conveyors (1). Suitable for aluminum profile. (2). 20 years warranty. (3). High corrosion resistance. (4). 5-10 years weather resistance. (5). Good wear resistance & anti-scratch. (6).Size customized....

Aluminum profile packaging machine features:

1. The machine is controlled by the imported servo motor with high precision, which can be completed simply by setting data when changing product specifications.

2. The servo fiber induces and automatically identifies the material length to make and cut bags. The products can be packaged at the same time.

3.No bag no material, which will save more packaging materials.

Bag width 50 ~ 160mm

Product height Max.80mm

Coil diameter Max.320mm

Packing speed is 1 ~ 30 pieces/min

Power supply specification 220V, 50/60hz, 3.2kw

Machine size (L) is about 7,500 x (W)720 x (H)1320mm

The machine mass is 850Kg

Packing material thickness: 0.02-0.07mm

Machine speed Max.35m/min

Remarks: install pinhole exhaust device


Single aluminum packaing machine, aluminum automatic packing machine with no requirement for aluminum length, aluminum profile automatic bagging heat-shrinkable packing machine that can pack 35 meters of material in an average minute, , mature performance, quality assurance.



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