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Automatic tissue paper packing machine

Automatic tissue paper packing machine

Automatic tissue paper packaging machine, New Keli tissue paper packing machine very hot sale in recent years. Because the packaging machine can pack 100 bags in one minute, and there is no need to manually help. Connect directly to the paper cutter or behind the small swing machine. Not only can it save a lot of packaging costs. It can save a lot of packaging workers and management time. And the effect of this packaging machine is very good. The 8CM high paper tissue apck is very beautiful. smooth. It is also possible to pack 30 pumps as low as 2CM. 200mm long toilet paper can be packaged. Small square bags with a short 9.5CM can also be packaged. practical. Easy to use. If you buy new keli packaging machine, you will save a lot of energy!...
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Automatic Wallet Tissue Paper Wrapping Machine ,  manual packaging paper is easy to pollute, using three-dimensional packaging machine is too expensive, the technology is not mature. And only package High tissue product, Use ordinary pillow-type machine not good-looking. Try to purchase the tissue paper packing machine of Foshan New keli Packaging Machinery Factory, easy to operation and  low cost, which is well known in the Our Chinese industry.


Tissue Paper Packing Machine  main Features:

01. Full servo control system, all independent programming, all controlled by the software to facilitate the function of restructuring and technological upgrading, advanced.

02. man-machine operation, convenient parameter setting.

03. Fault self-diagnosis function, clear failure display.

04. Sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking, digital input cut position which makes the cutting position more accurate.

05. automatically recognizes the bag length according to tissue products, machine adjustment is simple.

06. Positioned stop function, without sticking knife, CPP and CPP-sided heat sealing film and color packaging films can be packaged, not wasting film.

07. Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.

08. Machine can automatically connect with the tissue Cutter, without manual working ,saving labor costs.

09. No product machine will stop,will not have empty bag. never waste film.

Tissue paper packaging machine Scope of application

It is suitable for the packaging of soft tissue, purse paper, napkin,kitchen tower,facial tissue, portable tissue, hotel paper and other tissue products.

Automatic tissue paper packaging machine Technical parameters:



Packing speed


Bag width


Tissue height


Film width


Machine voltage



2.8KW 50/60HZ

Machine size




Why chose  tissue paper packing machine to packaging ? 

Packaging machinery is playing an increasingly important role in the packaging field

(1)it can greatly improve labor productivity

(2) It can effectively guarantee the quality of packaging. According to the requirements of packaging articles, according to the requirements of the packaging materials, the packaging materials with the same specifications can be obtained, and manual packaging cannot be guaranteed.This is especially important for export goods. Only mechanical packaging can achieve standardization and standardization of packaging, and meet the requirements of collective packaging.

(3) It can reduce labor intensity and improve labor conditions. The labor intensity of manual packaging is very high

Automatic tissue paper packaging machine packaging sample




Automatic tissue paper packaging machine video for you refence

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