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Cash Register Paper Roll Pckaging Machine

Cash Register Paper Roll Pckaging Machine

Cash Register Paper roll pckaging machine heatshrink machine,shrink wrap machine for cash roll paper, cash register roll paper packaging machinery ,flow wrap for roll paper!...

The Cash Register Paper roll pckaging machine produced by Newkeli Factory !The heat shrink packaging machine is a high-speed automatic packaging machine born from the advanced technology and rich experience of Japan. It has advanced level at home and abroad. It is the most labor-efficient and most efficient packaging machine.

heat shrink packaging machine for Cash Register Paper roll pckaging  features:

● The control unit consists of servo motor, servo drive and color touch screen. The control precision is extremely high. The intelligent control system makes all parameters easy to set and lock accurately. The locking of the bag forming and cutting length\sealing temperature is more precise.

● The servo system replaces the traditional mechanical film feeding system, which simplifies the mechanical structure, makes the packaging machine run more smoothly, and makes daily maintenance more convenient and simple. It reduces the skill requirements of the operator and also makes the noise and malfunction of the machine running. The rate is significantly reduced; the user can set the packaging parameters of a variety of products in the control panel, and only need to transfer the corresponding data from the memory and execute it, then the packaging operation can be performed.

● The surface is spray-treated, soft in color, comfortable in sense, hard in texture, elegant in grade, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-collision, suitable for long-term use under harsh and harsh conditions.

● Adopting frequency conversion speed regulation, reducing cost and improving cost performance;

● Optional equipment: accessories such as coding machines;

● A variety of sealing forms: net, straight, vertical, pattern, etc.;

● A variety of cutting forms: straight, corrugated, connected, etc.;

Mechanical characteristics:

1. The overall design of the mechanical structure is simple and reasonable, easy to operate and easy to adjust.

2. The closed longitudinal sealing device makes the longitudinal seal more stable, firm and stable.

3. High-speed transverse sealing device, high sealing and cutting speed, clear and beautiful netting.

4. With automatic positioning parking function (to prevent hot film).

5. Special products can be equipped with a safety clutch to protect the packaged items.

Model: KL-590

Maximum width of packaging material: 450/590 mm

Packing speed: 50-180 bags / minute

Packing size: L: 90-400, W: 10-150, H: 5-40

Dimensions: 5000*965*1750 5000*1105*1750

Packaging material: OPP/PE PT AL/PE OPP/PE POF shrink film

Total weight: 1000kg

Voltage: 220VAC/50HZ

Power supply: 3.66kw

This machine is used for single cash register paper, coding machine, heat allergy paper, express single printing paper, label paper and other products of automatic packaging machine, thermal cash register paper automatic packaging machine New Keli POF film supermarket small ticket cash register paper automatic packaging machine!



















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