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IV Infusion Bag Flow Wrap Machine

IV Infusion Bag Flow Wrap Machine

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Infusion bag packaging machine Scope: Suitable for infusion bags,Urine collection cup packaging ,Medical test bottle and container packaging  Plastic flask and bottle packaging acicular gauze, medical masks, infusion tubes, and other packaging of more regular medical products!

IV infusion bag  flow wrap machine packaging machine detail and  packaging sample:

The infusion bag packaging machine manufacturer produced by newkeli pack  company , Infusion bag automatic packaging machine has the following characteristics and quality commitment:

1. Performance enhancement, making the machine more perfect, stable and easy to operate.

2.Control system is strengthened. Many people used MCU control, the operation performance is low, and it is easy to damage. It can't update the system. Our company uses Panasonic PLC system to make it simple, intelligent, and the program can be upgraded.

3.The structure is simplified. In the past, the mechanical structure was complicated, and the rotating multi-purpose parts were transferred to the function transmission, resulting in too many hard parts, increased difficulty in assembly, and precision. Now we are reducing it and using chains. Use a small amount of gears. Simple structure. Higher stability.

4.All electrical appliances are imported electrical appliances, which makes the machine more stable and has a longer service life.

5. The contact part of the material is all made of 304 stainless steel, which will ensure the smoothness and sanitation of the product.

6.The motor adopts a well-known brand, absolutely does not use the secondary goods, small factory goods, to ensure the warranty, change.

IV infusion bag  flow wrap machine  specification:



Film width 

Max. 450mm

Bag length


Bag width


Product height


Film roll

Max. 320mm

Packaging rate

40-230 bag/min



Machine size


Machine quality   


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