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Sugar Pouch Packing Machine

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Sugar Pouch  Packing Machine

There are 2  kinds of machine type for sugar packaging:

  1. small type for 3 side sealing  bag or 4side sealing  pouch bag packing and  pillow back side sealing (stick bag)

    KL-160A (2)

    sugar白糖STICK 包装

  2. Vertical Packaging Machine for Big Bags

    Sugar Packaging

 We build sugar sachet packing machine and stick sugar packaging machine for single use portion pack sugar. All our sugar packaging and filling machines are low cost and high quality, extremely compact

For 1 kg sugar filling machine vertical packaging machine is used and if you are looking sugar packaging equipment for powder packing machine and granule packing machine with auto feeding systems vertical sugar packaging machines are the best choice. 1kg Sugar Packing Machine is equipped with volumetric fillers. Up to 60 pcs/min speed, you can fill 3.600 kg per hour.

Sugar Packaging Machine Weight, Size & Design:

This stick sugar packing machine can pack 1 gr, 2 gr. -3 gr. 4 gr. etc. (Adjustable weight system). Weigh precision is very high quality. This machine designed to fill always same quantity into the sachets. Weight adjustment is easy and fast. We teach our customers how to adjust the weight range in our training period. This machine is designed to fill free-flow products such as sugar, salt, spices and black pepper through volumetric cups in packaging papers that are affixed on three sides. (3 side seal) The volume of volumetric containers can be adjusted, so the desired weight sensitivity is provided.

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