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a granule packing machine Packaging Film Installing

Dec 26, 2018

Pressure Adjustment :adjust the screw, screw turn inside for pressure is increased, on the contrary, for reducing the pressure.


 Horizontal sealing pressure adjustment


Adjust the vertical sealing pressure


1)  Adjust the nut on the adjustment   lever make  the  right vertical seal roller to the end of   the right

2) Turn the spindle make the two    bearing arrive at the highest point of the vertical sealing cam.

3) Adjust the adjustment nut on the adjustment lever make the two  vertical sealing  consistent.

4)  Turn reducer hand wheel  separate the two vertical sealing rollers   0.55mm. Adjust the nut on adjustment, make two vertical sealing rollers fit   again .

 Note: (4)   points separated   distance can not   over than 1mm, otherwise vertical sealing rocker will broken.