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Cakes of bread baking industry for the future development trend of the big four

Feb 15, 2019

Many consumers from mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore has gradually away from the traditional breakfast, to eat more convenient instant baking class breakfast cereals. Even in normal times, there are a lot of people in this baking foods to replace the traditional meal. The younger generation and urban white-collar class represents the change of consumption pattern. Based on the understanding of the above situation, can foresee the development of baking industry in the future will appear the following trends:


1, tourism, food, leisure food, fast food will continue to be an important factor driving the development of baking industry.


With the rapid development of economy, tourism has become people to relax, a great way to cheerful state of mind, and baking food portability, namely diets has provided many conveniences for travelers. So, in the baking food has gradually become the essential of travelers foods such as bread, cake.


2, personalization, characterization and visualization service is put forward the new requirements of consumers for baking food consumption.


With the improvement of consumption level, baking cake shop should attach great importance to the specific requirements of consumers, scene, spending time on consumption, consumption object to provide targeted services, create a meets the needs of customers cake shop image, create a distinctive consumer scenarios, such as music bread houses, lover's bread room, children's park, etc. Make people not only the consumption of goods to itself, but also can enjoy the cultural connotation of the product.


3, low sugar, low fat, light and nutrition balance of baked goods, will be more attention by people.


Modern high sugar, high fat diet is regarded as a scourge, scientific and healthy diet has become the goal all over the world. Which requires the baked goods to change the status quo of high sugar, high fat, high heat, to develop in the direction of light, balanced nutrition, such as sugar, sugar free bread, or with a sugar sweeteners to partly replace sugar. The bread can bring diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure in patients with the Gospel. Add food cellulose bread, can use soy protein powder, bran, oat pieces made of high protein, rich in cellulose, mineral nutrition of bread. This will be one of the most attractive products in the twenty-first century.


4, frozen baked goods will be popular in the new century.


Frozen baked goods is developed in the Chinese market in the early ninety s, it will be freezing technology used in the baking industry, will and good dough around to 40 ℃ low temperature frozen into frozen dough, and cold storage facilities to the manufacturers, by learning to bake, made into finished products. The birth of frozen baked goods, easy to expand the scale of production, achieve chain operation. So the product cost down, extended shelf life, taste also have very big improvement.

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