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granule packing machine Bag Forming Install and Adjustment

Dec 26, 2018

granule packing machine Bag Forming Install and Adjustment

1)As the Picture 3 and picture 4

bag former

NOTE: former shall inclined 3 ° and guide leg and the distance of horizontal sealing line is (6-12mm)

2)Bag former Adjustment :

1) the bag former installed, according picture 3 and picture4 , pay attention to the goods enter mouth should alignment with the feeding plate mouth. Then adjust the vertical seal roller and film pulling roller, make sure the vertical sealing of the head and tail good convergence, pulling roller pressed the root of vertical sealing can.

2) When bag former working,  bag will have unilateral or asymmetric or inclined wrinkles, you can adjust A, B, C, D four screws.

 Release the A, B screws moving the former around and then fixed , you can adjust symmetry around the bag.

Release C, D screw the former buttom swing slightly to the left or right after to a fixed position  it can be adjusted bags unilateral problems.

3) the system out of the bag is tilted (unrighteousness) Adjust former guiding leg can eliminate bags tilted.

4) should pay attention to forming bags is there is a certain distance of the roll axis line and the sealing line . or  separate the guiding leg  symmetrically , remove bag wrinkle phenomenon.