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How does the liquid packaging machine need to be operated?

Sep 20, 2018

1, the preparation before operation: Connect the Power, turn on the power switch on the electric control box, let the packing machine fully preheat. Make sure the packing machine is clean and tidy, close the drain valve. 

2, the packaging machine full preheating complete, prompt alarm complete, according to the number of liquid set "set bag Length", "Set bag number" Press "Start" button to start heat and package, packaging several empty bags, press "Stop" button stop, observe the packaging effect of packaging bags, heat and good when the "Start" button and immediately press "liquid" button infusion  

3, with water purification filter device and packaging machine glass barrels, pipelines and discharge of waste water, shut down the drainage valve, and then add some water purification in the packaging machine, cut off the bottom of the packaging bag under the cutter shaft, press the "clean" button, so that the water from the injection tube assembly outflow, and then press the "Static/Adjustment" button to complete

4. Clean the outside of the machine with a clean rag. If you do not use the packaging machine for a long time, power supply should be turned off to conserve energy and prolong the life of the packaging machine.