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how to install multi-functional pillow packaging machine

Jan 02, 2019

 How to install multi-functional pillow packaging machine (10 steps in detail)

1. Unpacking of multi-functional pillow packaging machine: After the equipment arrives, unpack the packing box. Inspect random accessories and tools as well as technical information and sign it by the manufacturer.

2. On-site positioning of the multi-functional pillow packaging machine host: Move the main machine to a certain installation position, screw in the adjusting bolts, and adjust the roller to the ground to avoid vibration when the machine works. The main unit is leveled by adjusting the bolts.

3. Installation of the conveyor legs in the multi-functional pillow packaging machine: take out the conveyor and the legs from the packing box, unscrew the 8 bolts on the conveyor, and place the legs in the corresponding installation position of the conveyor. Fasten with bolts together with the tension bracket.

4. Installation of the conveyor: Unscrew the 5 bolts of the conveyor on the main machine, evenly apply a little grease on the drive shaft, and connect the conveyor drive shaft and the main drive shaft through the double-row chain. Adjust the conveyor so that the center of the conveyor is on the same line as the drive longitudinal seal engagement center and the lower clamp center. After confirmation, tighten with screws.

5. Installation of conveyor work surface: Place the work surface on the corresponding installation position of the conveyor and fasten it with fastening bolts and disc nuts.

6. Adjustment of conveyor height: By adjusting the adjusting bolts of the conveyor legs, the height of the tail of the conveyor is 2~4mm below the entrance of the bag-making machine.

7. Installation of the output machine: Remove the output chain guard cover, and then unscrew the 4 fixing bolts of the output machine on the main unit. Install the output machine in the corresponding installation location of the host. Adjust the height of the output machine, which is required to be 2-3mm lower than the lower carriage conveyor belt. Adjust the position of the vertical axis so that the center of the output machine is in line with the center of the pinch and the center of the longitudinal seal of the main unit, and finally tightened with bolts.

8. Installation of the output chain: connect the output sprocket and the main chain sprocket with a chain. The opening of the chain connection should be opposite to the running direction. Adjust the chain tensioning device to confirm the tightness of the chain and the output chain guard. Installed.

9. Installation of the bag maker: Select the corresponding bag maker specifications according to the size of the package. And follow these steps to install:

1) Unscrew the fixing nut of the bag maker on the main unit.

2) Mount the bag maker on the mounting bracket.

3) Adjust the height of the bag maker so that the bottom plane of the inner cavity of the bag maker is about 1 mm lower than the conveyor material pallet. The gap between the bottom surface of the bag maker and the vertical seal wheel is 1-2 mm.

4) Loosen the longitudinal position adjustment nut of the bag maker, and adjust the angled plate on the conveyor to match the angle of the bag maker. The gap is not more than 2mm.

5) Adjust the center of the bag maker on the same line as the center of the drive longitudinal seal.

6) Fasten the longitudinal adjustment nut. 7) The bag feeder outlet should be 1-2mm higher than the lower pinch belt.

10. Adjustment of brake device: When the equipment is in normal operation, the film idler rotates under the traction of the film, and the position of the knurled nut and the weight of the brake is adjusted. The adjustment of the film's strength is achieved to control the stability of the film during operation.