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how to operate a granual packing machine

Dec 26, 2018

 KLS160A vertical packaging machine, advanced technology, with automatic feeding, metering, bag making, filling, sealing, printing date, output of finished products and a series of automated functions, optical tracking adopt advanced positioning tracking , cup measuring, using the adjustable devices. Making the whole machine runs stablely.

The scope of application: below 500 ml bulking food  , and some no sticky small particle chemical, pharmaceutical products.

This machine uses the material: paper / polyethylene, cellophane / polyethylene, polyester fiber film / polyethylene, aluminum foil / polyethylene composite packaging materials.

Note: The use of packaging materials in rolls,  outside diameter of 400mm, skeleton inner diameter 75mm, complex packaging film requirements for surface smoothness, may not have wavy edges, single optical path color , color point and packaging film optical path background contrast clearly.

二、Main specifications and technical parameters     

Item No.


Packaging film width


Film thickness


Packaging film (max outer   diameter)


Bag width


Measuring scope


Packaging speed






Machine weight


Machine dimension


, Machine operation and maintenance

1, the operation method

1)   Turn on the machine power ,set temperature ,waiting for the vertical and horizontal shaft  sealing  and the date printer warms up  , plus the lubricants on the horizontal shaft  sealing.

2)   Pay attention to clean vertical and horizontal shaft sealing tooth sealing area.

3)    Check the installation date ribbon, make sure the packaging film is correct, the electric eye tracking position is correct.

4)   Turn on the  Date printer switch, the packaging film to the predetermined position, starting motor, try to pack 4 to 5 empty bags, after these empty bags down , check it qualified or not, if qualified you can open feeding switch work properly.

5)    When turn off power,it must Cutting off the feeding switch  first, then turn off the electrical power  to avoid clip, damage the cutting blade.

2,Machine maintenance

1)   Cleaning the machine area which touch the packaging product with detergent washed, the machine outside&inner and horizontal sealing roller vertical sealing roller wipe with a dry cloth, give  a little lubrication  on each horizontal shaft seaing sliding parts.

2)   Take off the packaging film roller when finish working, so the film axis will not bending under the pressure.

3)   Keep Cleaning for eyes  optical head electrical parts should be dustproof and moistureproof

4)   Always check the various parts of the screw, without loosening.

5)   Gearbox first time using(new ) after 40 hours need to change  the engine oil ,After that,using 1000hous change one time engine oil.

The machine appearance figure1