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Large farm automation equipment vegetable automatic packaging machine

Feb 22, 2019

Mechanical automatic bag making, printing production date, fresh-keeping, high-speed packaging, fast shipping speed vegetable packing machine, Reduce hand contact, avoid vegetable contact, it will become chaotic, not fresh! Extended product preservation time! More clean and hygienic. Beautiful and generous! Make the product packaging effect more high-end! ! Maintains high transparency, excellent shelf life and display, and maintains high strength without affecting transportation, storage and use. There are already many large agricultural products companies to buy and use!

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Suitable for packaging all kinds of leafy vegetables, large and small vegetables, melons and fruits, mushrooms! Such as: celery, lettuce, cabbage, cabbage, Xiaotang dish, garlic core, long onion, cucumber, onion, carrot, orange, lemon, citrus, mushrooms, mushrooms, enoki mushroom, etc.!

  1. Inflator 2. Binding device 3. Special sealing method 4. All stainless steel 5. Coder 6. Exhaust device

  2. vegetable packaging