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packaging machine operator job description

Jan 03, 2019

Operational Procedures for Employees in Packaging Centers 

There are certain safety hazards in the position of packaging operators due to the nature of their positions.

 The following procedures must be strictly implemented during the work process: 1. Packaging operators must maintain good personal hygiene. Do not eat food, smoke or spit in the workshop.

 2. Before entering the production workshop, you must wear neat work clothes and work caps.

 3, no alcohol is allowed before going to work, smoking places are not allowed in production places, and open flames are strictly prohibited. Do not eat food or other behaviors that hinder food hygiene during work. 

4. Before packing, do all the preparatory work, including disinfection and sterilization, cleaning equipment containers, and check whether the equipment is operating normally. 

5, before packaging, first understand the situation of the products to be packaged, prepare all the preparation work required for the packaging, in order to facilitate the production of the start-up assembly line, can be carried out smoothly.

 6. The personnel in the outer packaging area shall carry out quantitative packing into the box according to the requirements, and put a product certificate and the inspector number in each box. After confirming the correctness, the package will be packaged and put into storage. And keep the whole box of packaging beautiful and generous. 7. Persons in the outer packaging area should pick out the products that are not in conformity with the regulations, and return them to the personnel in the inner packaging area for rework and packaging.

 8. Before  work off, clean up,  check the electricity, wine, water, and light switches. After confirming the correctness, you can close the door.

 9. Do your job well with the requirements of the team leader or direct leader to ensure safe production and health.

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