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Present situation and development of China's packaging industry

Sep 20, 2018

The establishment and development of China's packaging industrial industry is the product and testimony of China's reform and opening up. Since 1980, China's packaging industry has gone from scratch, from small to large development process, has been growing at a rate of more than 18% per cent of the average annual growth, one at a time from the early 80 's national economy 40 major industry last leap to the 15th place,

The proportion of the total gross output value of the packaging industry has grown from 0.4% in the early 80 to about 2.3% today. Now, China's production of corrugated packaging products, composite flexible packaging, metal barrels, containers, plastic bags and other major packaging products production has ranked in the forefront of the world.

China's packaging industry has basically formed a paper, plastic, metal, glass, printing, machinery as the main composition, with a certain modern technical equipment, a relatively complete range of industrial industry. 2003, China's packaging industry output value has exceeded 270 billion yuan, of which: the paper packaging industry production output of 86.64 billion yuan, plastic packaging industry output value of 76.42 billion yuan, metal packaging industry output value of 20.76 billion yuan, glass packaging industry output value of 7.983 billion yuan, packaging and printing industry output value of 54.23 billion yuan, Packaging machinery Industry output value of 15.86 billion yuan, other packaging industry output value of 8.02 billion yuan. At present, China has about 5,000 paper packaging enterprises, more than 8,000 plastic packaging enterprises, metal packaging enterprises more than 1500, food and packaging machinery enterprises about 4,000. Packaging enterprises from 1980 to the development of about 2,500 to 2003 the size of more than 11,000 enterprises. Packaging industry in 2003 undertook a total of 4.58 trillion yuan domestic consumer goods retail sales and 438.4 billion U.S. dollars export goods packaging supporting tasks, basically adapted to the needs of national economic development.