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Quickly understand the characteristics of various packaging films

Dec 18, 2018

There are several types of packaging films commonly used in pillow packaging machines, namely:

●OPP composite CPP

●OPP composite PE

●OPP composite aluminum 

● heat sealable OPP


It should be noted that the packaging film packaging machine of pure PE cannot be sealed, and the PE film needs to be composited with other materials before it can be heat sealed.

OPP (BOPP) - biaxially oriented polypropylene film.

The film has good transparency, heat resistance and barrier properties for the outer layer of the composite bag, and it is combined with the heat-sealing LDPE, E-VA, EEA or aluminum foil to greatly improve the rigidity of the composite film. And physical properties. Usually called OPP, also known as BOPP.

CPP—casting polypropylene film

It has good heat sealability and is mostly used in the inner layer of the composite packaging bag and has good sealing property.

PET———Polyester film

The biaxially stretched polyester film has high mechanical strength and rigidity, high heat resistance, excellent chemical resistance, excellent transparency and gloss, and low water vapor and oxygen permeability. The taste is preserved. This is unmatched by all other films.

PVDC———Polyvinylidene chloride film

It is the best barrier film, divided into heat-dissipating coating film, such as gas barrier PP\CPE\PET\ and coated PVDC film. The development of low-cost PVDC, PP composite film can be used not only in pharmaceutical packaging but also in heat-resistant coating packaging for heating food.

Aluminized filmThe vacuum aluminized film is a film product which evaporates aluminum onto various base films under high vacuum conditions. The aluminum plating layer is very thin, and the vacuum aluminized film has a beautiful appearance in addition to the characteristics of the plastic base film. Decorative and good barrier properties, especially after a variety of plastic base layers are aluminized, light transmittance, oxygen permeability, and water permeability are reduced by several tens or hundreds of times, used for pharmaceutical packaging, is One of good   materials packaging for future development. .

CoatingSurface paper--- internal CPP, commonly known as paper-plastic composite, foreign countries that pay more attention to environmental protection, packaging with this material.

Single layer OPP heat sealing film---Single-sided heat sealing, generally about 3 wires. It is used for products with low packaging requirements. It is difficult to print, and the paint is not easy to stick to the packaging film and is easy to fall off

Pure aluminum film---Generally used in places with high requirements, such as medicines. Thicker, about 8 wire, when the knife is cut and cut, it is easy to rotten, generally less used.

 PE film------The characteristics are equivalent to CPP for bonding, but the transparency is not as good as CPP and softer than CPP.

POF ---shrink film For shrinkage, such as instant noodle bowls, outer bags!