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Sachet bag packaging for food packaging equipment has a higher requirements

Jan 07, 2019

In 2018, there are food companies that choose to improve the packaging methods and hot spots, such as printing the World Cup in the outer packaging, predicting the results of the game, and improving the packaging to cater for the characteristics of the World Cup. One of the brands of melon seeds shrinks their own packaging size, so that the melon seeds in the package are suitable for a game of the amount of the game to promote the attention of the author.


As a hot spot in the days, the World Cup has been "dawned" by many foods. In the past, food companies often choose to sell such old routines at a price reduction. They do not know that while lowering the price, consumers are expected to lower the expected price of food, which makes it difficult to sell when the price is restored.


Food packaging is advancing to miniaturization, and small packaging requires increased precision in equipment production


The reasons for the rise of small packaged foods are diverse


When the need for large packaging is most common, when the food is bought during the holiday season, the elders often think that there are many people coming from the holiday season, and that the big packaging can make everyone eat well. However, with the improvement of people's living standards, the phenomenon of new year's goods and holiday foods stays at a fresh stage, and the phenomenon that the packaging is too big and the last holiday food can only be dumped can happen.


According to national statistics, in recent years, the marriage rate in China has been declining year by year, and single phenomenon is becoming more and more common. The need for small packaged foods is required for single people to ensure diversification when purchasing food. Even though the country is now opening a second child, there are more and more small families of three or four people with parents and children. This family will not have much demand for single-category food.


In addition, the small package basically maintains the amount of food consumed at one time, without considering the storage problem after the food is opened, and has a natural advantage in maintaining the freshness of the product and ensuring food safety; in addition, the small package itself has a small space and is easy to be carried. Make it more popular in modern life.


Food packaging is advancing to miniaturization, and small packaging requires increased precision in equipment production


Small packaging requires high equipment


Under the above-mentioned various reasons, small packaged foods are more and more popular among consumers. However, for packaging equipment, small packages also impose some unique requirements on the equipment.


First, small packages require higher equipment speeds. If the small packaged food is produced at the production speed of large packaging, the amount of food that can be packaged per unit time becomes small, and the speed of food packaging is directly linked to the production efficiency of the enterprise and the profit of the enterprise, so that the small packaging equipment needs to support the production at a faster speed. However, the increase or decrease of the speed of food machinery equipment is not simply achieved by expanding and reducing the size of the equipment. It is also necessary to consider the internal structure operation, motor power, equipment bearing capacity and other aspects.


Second, small packaging means that the accuracy of the equipment needs to be improved. Take the test tube and the measuring cup for example. Adding two drops of water to the test tube can clearly show the difference on the scale, but the scale of the measuring cup has not changed. Small packaged food packaging equipment, once the accuracy is not enough, is easily reflected in the final packaging process of the food, resulting in uneven defects in the food packaging, affecting the quality of the food packaging.


It can be seen that the machinery that focuses on the production of food packaging equipment needs to be improved in terms of equipment speed, equipment accuracy, and production refinement. By improving the performance of the equipment, it can become a driving force in the small package of food.


Finally, small packages increase the precision of equipment production. The printer is the machine that most clearly reflects this feature in packaging machinery. To put it simply, the coding accuracy of the printer is certain, which may cause some words, patterns, etc. on the small package to not be kept clear, which makes the appearance of the packaged food package easy to leave a bad impression on the consumer.