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sealing methods for the tissue packaging machine

Jan 11, 2019

According to the sealing method of the packaging machine, the paper towel packaging is mainly divided into a splint type and a roller type. The splint seal is divided into horizontal and vertical. 

1. Tissue splint packaging machine This type of packaging machine is used for relatively high size paper tissue packaging. The working principle is that the film is intermittently sent down and filled with material by a film pulling roller, and then folded by a splint, and the film that is stop to  heat and seal. Next, the traction roller restarts the transport film for the next bag. The finished product after packaging is cut into a bag and a bag by transverse shearing. 

At present, the packaging bag of the new tissue packaging machine has beautiful shape and high material utilization rate. It adopts horizontal sealing and cutting integration and 

servo motor drive, computer control, accurate bag length control, and packaging speed of 40-140 bags/min. 

2. Roller paper towel packaging machine type The sealing of the paper towel packaging machine is completed by the rotation of the hot roller. The packaging method is applicable to three types: tissue paper, napkin and wet tissue. kithen towle and roll paper ect, The working principle is that while the sealing is continuously performed in the longitudinal direction, the horizontal sealing is performed while filling, and the flat cutting, the serrated cutting or the dotted line cutting is continuously performed, and the easy-gear  device can be equipped. 

3, horizontal multi-station plywood packaging machine is only used for paper towels, paper. Napkins, toilet paper, wet wipes, etc., packaging. Different types of tissue packaging machinery products have different sealing methods. With the improvement of people's living standards, the external beauty is becoming more and more important. The popular sealing method in the market is flat sealing at both ends,Such as Newkeli pack factory machine. The paper-making packaging machine produced by the company has a square appearance and is easy to carry and very beautiful. It is the mainstream packaging method in the market.