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The difference between heat shrink machine and vacuum packaging machine

Jan 08, 2019

What is the difference between a heat shrink machine and a vacuum packaging machine? Let's analyze and discuss the difference between the heat shrink machine and the vacuum packaging machine!


First look at the different definitions of the two. The heat shrinkable film packaging machine is wrapped on the outside of the product or the package by a shrink film, and is heated to shrink the shrink film to tightly wrap the product or the package, thereby better displaying the appearance of the article, improving the performance of the product, and increasing the performance of the product. Its beauty and value.


After being packaged by a heat shrink packaging machine, the articles can be sealed, moisture-proof, and anti-pollution, and can protect the goods from external impact, and have a certain cushioning property, especially when packaging fragile products, preventing the utensils. Scattered when broken. In addition, it reduces the possibility of products being dismantled and stolen.


Corresponding to the shrink wrap machine is a vacuum packaging machine, which includes: a single-chamber, a double-chamber, an external pumping, an inflatable, and a desktop vacuum packaging machine. It is undeniable that vacuum packaging machines do have a tendency to surpass other similar packaging machines in one aspect, but each packaging equipment is in a positive and innovative situation, and each machine has huge market potential.


At present, China's packaging line still relies on shrink packaging machines to achieve a perfect "finish". The vacuum packaging machine can automatically extract the air in the packaging bag and complete the sealing process after reaching a predetermined vacuum. It can also be filled with nitrogen or other mixed gas, and then the sealing process is completed. Vacuum packaging machines are often used in the food industry because after vacuum packaging, foods are resistant to oxidation for long-term storage.


The above is the difference between the heat shrinking machine and the vacuum packaging machine. The summary is: the heat shrink packaging machine is a layer of film for the outer packaging of the product to play a beautiful appearance. The vacuum packaging machine extracts the air inside the vacuum bag to achieve the preservation effect.

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