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The present situation of packaging machinery industry

Sep 20, 2018

China's packaging industry relative to the developed countries such as Japan and the United States is quite backward, with great potential for development. In 2005, China produced a total of 93,000 sets of packaging machinery, the output value of 55 billion yuan, a small decline than in 2004. According to the food and packaging Machinery Industry association Statistics, China currently has more than 3,600 packaging machinery manufacturers, but the output value and sales of more than billion now only 20.

Domestic packaging machinery enterprises mainly produce relatively simple equipment, high-end equipment mainly rely on imports, only a few domestic enterprises can provide complete sets of production lines.

Use of automation products in the packaging industry

1, the overall situation of the packaging machinery used in automation products are mainly control systems, Transmission control, motion control, human-machine interface and sensors these categories, specifically including:

Control system: Embedded products, PLC,IPC, fieldbus;

Transmission Control: Frequency converter, DC speed regulation;

Motion control: Servo, stepping, motion controller;

HMI: Text display, touch screen, Tablet PC

Electrical components and Sensors: photoelectric switch, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, travel switch, etc.

2. Introduction of main automation products

Controller Food and packaging machinery using the controller of the situation is large, large-scale production line to the field bus technology, control points up to thousands of, the majority of the use of a single machine plc or special controller, some of the low-end equipment used in the way of relay control, and more small devices do not use any electronic controller,

The overall domestic packaging machinery only about 10% use of advanced controllers. From the performance of the IPC is the best, with strong scalability, rich software resources so that it can develop more applications, is currently mainly used for large-scale equipment management and communication. The PLC system will still be the mainstream controller of packaging machinery within 5 years. As a former mainstream controller, relays will continue in the low-end market, although the market has declined, but within 3 years will not be eliminated in the packaging industry.