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Vertical packaging machine still has a huge space for development

Sep 20, 2018

At that time, the domestic food vertical packaging machinery development situation is poor, some companies can be in line with the international leading level of production, but with a self-intellectual property rights, the company is constantly technology-independent companies very few, mostly just imitate, very little.

Therefore, the food packaging machinery from the point of view of the different point of departure, the progress of commodity levels and quality, there will be a lot of space to carry out. Now, we go to the restaurant to eat, placed on the table of tableware is no longer a pile of chopsticks, cups, spoons, everywhere is a disposable packaging tableware.

This appearance, not only to clarify everyone's consumption level, changes in the concept of consumption, but also speed up the pace of the tableware packaging machine into the market. Tableware Vertical Packaging machine is a vertical packaging machine based on today's market demand for the development of a new commodity, it is mainly in the product or its outside, through heating, so that packaging materials shorten and tightly wrapped goods, and can show the appearance of tableware, the use of vacuum packaging method, with sealing, moisture, pollution and other advantages. Disposable tableware is a food aseptic packaging bags, in the Far Infrared shortening packaging machine sealing packaging, disinfection effect is better, and can maintain tableware from external impact. This kind of packaging tableware safe and clean, very popular with the catering company's expectations, consumers can also be centering.    Tableware Vertical Packaging machine performance stability, rapid development. In the UK supermarkets, most of the food selection paper packaging, snacks, rice, flour, roast chicken and so on are wrapped in paper bags, in the restaurant has never had plastic meal boxes packaged food, they thought that paper packaging food is the safest centering, will not change because of environmental changes, the occurrence of harmful substances, its stability than plastic packaging better. In fact, this idea is a challenge to the packaging machinery, together with urging the profession to move forward.

Tableware Vertical Packaging machine is also a well-liked model. People to eat for the day, the food and beverage industry is a permanent not stagnant occupation, with the continuous development of the restaurant industry, disposable tableware demand is increasing, the sales of tableware packaging machine has been increasing. But everyone on the tableware of clean and safe demand is also more and more high, on the need for tableware packaging machine continuous improvement technology, transformation of goods, very good service for the catering industry, tableware packaging machine to develop a broad future!