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vertical packing machine user manual

Mar 13, 2019

KL-420vertical packing machine


Instruction book  


1. Introduction ............................................. 2

2. The main specifications and technical parameters ................ 2

3, The method of machine operation and maintenance ...... 2

4, Machine Appearance.............. 3

5.Packaging film installation .................... 3

6. HIM  Touch screen  adjustment............... 4

7, Machine adjustment  ................. 11

   Horizontal seal adjustment .............. 11

   Vertical sealing adjustment .................... 11

   Film paper feeding adjustment ...................... 12

    Bag former adjustment .......................................13 8,reasons for failure and troubleshooting .....................14. 

9, PLC input and output control ................. 15


 vertical packaging machine, import the foreign advanced technology, high-precision servo film transporting system, PLC program control, advanced touch-screen interface, photo electric automatic positioning, digital temperature control system, make the machine with automatic feeding, measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, date printing, the output of finished products and a series of automated functions, cause photo electric advanced  tracking location tracking type,  the cup measure , use of adjustable devices. So that the whole machine runs very stable.

The scope of application: catechesis food 1000 ml or less, and no sticky chemical small particles , pharmaceutical products.

This machine packing  materials: paper / polyethylene, cellophane / polyethylene, polyester fiber film / polyethylene, aluminum foil / polyethylene composite packaging materials.

Note: ROLL packaging material, an outside diameter of 400mm, the inner diameter 75mm, the composite packaging requirements smooth surface, can not have wavy edges, a single optical path color, the color point of the light path and wrapping paper background contrast is obvious.

2、The main specifications and technical parameters

Specifications Type kl-520

Packaging film size (width) 170-520 (mm)

Packaging films (thickness) 0.04-0.08 (mm)

Packaging film (maximum outer diameter) 400 (mm)

Bag size (W) 75-260(mm)

Measurement range 100-1500(ml)

Packing speed 5-50 bag / min

Power 220V / 50HZ.60

Total power 4KW

Weight 400KG

 3、The method of machine operation and maintenance 

1, The operation method

1) Turn on the main machine power, the vertical and horizontal sealing bin, the printer warms up to the  setting temperature, the horizontal shaft seal and other some sliding parts need to plus the some lubricating oil.

2) pay attention to regular checks clean vertical and horizontal bin and jugged seal parts.

3) Check the installation date of the ribbon, the packaging film is correct, the electric eye position is correct.

4) Open the printer switch date, the packaging film to the predetermined position, the starter motor, a system of four to five empty bag and then  stop to check these empty bags is qualified, if qualified  you can open trenching switch working properly.

5) cutting off fill switch first, then turn off electrical power to avoid clip, damage the blade 

2, Machine maintenance

1) Machine should have direct contact with food before the work area with a detergent wash after work, the machine outside and horizontal sealing jaw vertical sealing jaw wipe clean with a dry cloth, give each horizontal shaft seal sliding parts add a little lubrication oil.

2)  More than half of the volume  remaining packaging film should be removed after work, preventing  bending  under pressure for reel  frame.

3) keep in the optical head cleaning, electrical parts should be dust and moisture.

4) Always check all parts of the screw, without loosening.

5) gearbox for the first time (new machines) using a 40 hours to replace oil ,afterwards change after 1,000 hours.

Note: For your safety, please install the earth ground.

4、Machine Appearance


5,Installing the packing film


6、HMI Touch screen Adjustment

 Turn on the power, the screen shown in Figure homepage::


1.Press the "Automatic”, the screen display as shown below:


1) " length" shows the actual length of the bag which machine setting accordingly.

2) "Packing speed" display packaging speed packaging machine;

3) "fill packaging" displays the status of the filling material;

4) "Test" display the operating status of the packaging machine;

5) "traction" shows seal packaging machine in which the film clip or open state;

6) "eyemark location "  left or right to adjust the  packaing film when become bag offset 

2, press the "manual ", the screen display as shown:


1) Touch the "one film moving ": film pull and  Pulley  as required operation  one time;

2) Touch "one bag making": make an empty bag  then machine stop ;

3) Touch the "hor sealing” :the horizontal sealing jaw sealing action once;

4) Touch the "vertical sealing": the vertical sealing Jaw sealing action once;

5) Touch the " Cutter": cutter running according to the set time;

6) Touch "film sending": when touch film sending, stop touching film stop sending

7)Touch “aerating”:gas filling one time when touch one time

9) Touch the "one filling": the feeding part feeding operation one time then stopped;

10) Touch the "putting discharge": the start discharge material, at this time only the  materail plate dish  runing , other program does not operate, can received  material with container

3.Press "function", the screen display as shown:


1)"ON": touch the right, display "On"   packaging machine according  the set function to work

2) "Off": Touch the right ,display "Off"  according to the setting  function ,  the packaging machine stop work

4, Press the "Parameter" screen shown in Figure:

Press the "next page" to select the following three content set



1) "Cutter Delay": indicates  the waiting time  that from the film finish transporting to the cutter of  electromagnetic valve  before electrical connections  (unit: seconds) which is set to the number of horizontal  sealing after sealing,subject to the Cutter  energized and release again   ;

2) "cutting ": indicates a cutter solenoid valve  energized time (unit: seconds) which is set to the number of knife can cut packaging film, without influenc for next bag falling .

3) "hor  sealing": indicates horizontal seal solenoid valve  energized time (unit: seconds) according to the thickness of the packaging film and packaging speed to set,subjuect to the packaging film sealing firm and not leak ;

4) "ver sealing": indicates vertical sealing solenoid valve  energized time (unit: seconds) according to the thickness of the packaging film and packaging speed to set,subjuect to the packaging film sealing firm and not leak 

5) " length ": Indicates when no electric eye color packaging film executable length (unit: mm) length setting should be two color ponit center distance + 10mm; (since the film pulling belt slip and other reasons, may actually packing length will be differences with the setting length, might need to increase  the length of the bag for correct);


6) "Aerating ": indicates  air inflate solenoid valve  energized time;

7) "Aerating delay":  the period of time from transport the film to  pre-inflation ;

8) "coding Time": indicates coder solenoid valve is energized time;

9) "coding delay":  indicate the preriod before the film transporting to the code

10) "drawing ": Indicates this preriod during the program received signal and  before film transport ;

11) "HOR  seal delay": indicates this preiod time when film has runed and  before the horizontal sealing seal 

13) "VER seal delay": indicates this preiod time  when film has runned  and  before the vertical  sealing seal .

5、Press the "Alarm", the screen displays as shown:


Press the corresponding "on" or "off" to set corresponding alarm function

7,Machine adjustment

1、horizontal sealing  adjustment(see pic.)


1) cylinder 1   knife engagement active power source;

2)  cylinder 2  knife cutting power for sealing after cutting;

3) Adjust the arm 1, arm 2 adjustment is used to adjust the center position of the front and rear balde holder sealing , parallel debugging and other coarse adjustment, adjust the cylinder stroke and the opening  distance;

4) receiving hopper lift can adjustment;

2、vertical sealing adjustment(see pic.)


1) cylinder is power source for Film pulling synchronous belt pressed  the packing flim .

   2) Pulley derived from the servo motor;

3)Adjustment holder 2 is used to adjust the center position of  mid sealing  balde holder and the hopper;

4) adjustment holder 1 is used to adjust the distance of mid sealing blade holder;

5) adjustment screw is used to tension of  pulling film  synchronous  belt ;

6) the mid sealing  opening  handle  can open the mid-seal, easy to operation and maintenance;

3、Film running adjustment(see pictures)


1) motor and reducer  is  the power for   film running;

2) film releasing wheel  rotate the film roll to release film as the setting requirements  ;

3)  film  holder  hold the film roll and adjust the position of the center.

4) reflecting plate to track color when used in conjunction with a photoelectric switch;

5) Proximity Switch holder install the  proximity switches for adjusting the film  release  and  film tightened ;

6) Pole for supporting the film running part  and a central location for regulating the packaging film and the bag  by a motor control (correction);

4、Bag former adjustmemt (see pic)


7)up. Down bag former palet  for supporting the bag former with the barrel;

8)bag former is used to make bag ; when adjust to ensure that both sides of the packaging film tension equalization, packaging film no deviation, no wrinkle;


8、Error cause and Elimination methods 

   Error phenomenon

Error CauseMethod of exclusion


The machine does not turn

1. Power plug poor contact 

2. Breaker trip

Motor damage1. Exclude poor contact

2. Reclosable

3.Replace the motor or damage parts

GFCI trip heater tablet, motors and other electrical leakageCheck  One by one   the electrical exclude leakage phenomenon

Seal roll not hot (temperature display environment)1. The heating tube or temperature controler  burn or damage

2. Solid State Relays damage

3.Eletric  breaks 1. Replace the parts

2. Replacing the solid state relay

3.Check the electric line

 1, temperature display OPEN

2,digital beating  repeatedly1. Thermocouple turnoff

2, loose or damaged1.Check the electric line

2. Tighten or replace thermocouple

  machine stop temperature is normal  after turn on temperature falling boot小Environmental voltage is low, resulting in reduced heating element power Reduce packaging speed or increase power supply

  Film pulling synchronous belt make film broken or slip


 the paper too much resistance

release film is too few

Bag Forming damage

1. Check the paper surface and the surface of the bag former  whether excessive stickiness

2. Adjust the film release  amount of film feeding motor 

1.Bag Former remake

 Can not control the cutting point or half cut bag 1. Packaging film edge wrinkle or  caused by the photoelectric light path malfunction quality problems

2. The sensitivity of the optical head is not adjusted well

3. Pulling flim    belt slippage

4.Transport film is not long enough1. Replace the packaging film

2. Re-adjust the sensitivity of the optical head

1.Bag length adjustment 

Bag forming poor 1. Fomrer is not adjusted well

1.Roll film transferred to left or right 1. Re   adjust former

1.After adjustment  fixed roll

 bag sealing leaks1. Back and front of the horizontal sealing rollers sealing mouth are not parallel to each other 

 2. Temperature is not enough 3.Insufficient pressure1. Carefully adjust the horizontal sealing roller sealing parallelism

2. Moderately elevated temperature

3.Appropriate increase in pressure within the specified range


X0 Material reactionY0flim pulling servo burst

X1  color  markY2 horizontal seal

X2     Emergency Y4 release film speed

X3  Ribbon alarmY5 release film start

X5  No film alarmY7knife

X7     servo alarmY8Aerating

X8 Film releasing limitY9 Forward correction

X9 Film releasing capYA Correction back

XE充 External start fillingYB Film clip

YC vertical seal