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Automated Packaging Machines Will Gradually Replace The Traditional Mainstream

Mar 16, 2019

Before the advent of packaging machinery, all product packaging relied almost entirely on manpower. Not only was the speed slow, but also the standardization, accuracy, and aesthetics of the packaging were often unsatisfactory, and it also caused a huge waste of labor costs. With the emergence of various types of packaging machinery, especially the emergence of automated packaging lines in recent years, only a few or even one person can be responsible for the operation of the entire packaging workshop, becoming an important boost for industrial modernization.

However, the late start, rapid development is a clear feature of China's domestic packaging machinery industry. At present, the whole industry has gradually entered the period of product structure adjustment and innovation capability. Some packaging machinery has filled the domestic gap and has been able to basically meet the needs of the domestic market. Some products are also exported. However, the overall quality is not high, big but not strong, the ability of independent innovation is weak, and the competitiveness of the international market is not strong. Compared with the international advanced level, the gap is still very obvious.



Insiders pointed out that the new packaging model with intelligent and automatic functions will gradually replace the tradition into the mainstream of the future. This is an effective way for packaging machinery companies to achieve sustainable development and is the ultimate goal of their technological reform.

Relevant experts suggest that China's packaging machinery industry can only replace the traditional model of introduction and counterfeiting with technology innovation, close to users and independent research and development as soon as possible, so that China's packaging industry and market can develop healthily. At a moment when the industry is facing a new round of structural adjustment, technology upgrades, and product replacement, domestic enterprises need to develop their own enterprises and enhance their competitiveness through independent innovation and deep digestion, in order to become a giant in the packaging machinery industry.


At present, the trend of intelligentization and automation of the packaging machinery industry is very obvious. Although China is a big country in packaging machinery production, its strength in two aspects is still relatively weak and cannot meet the current production needs.

A strong country that wants to truly become a packaging machinery must push the packaging machinery industry to shift to high-end production, vigorously develop in automation control and intelligent operation, and actively launch an impact on the industry's super-class level. Mechanization of packaging has not only become the trend of industrial modernization, but also has become a real boost to the development of industrial modernization.

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