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Automatic Packaging Machine Maintenance Method

Jan 08, 2019

Most of the factories in the world challenging with labor costs increase every year. To found a way out for our client, Honor Pack focus-in full automatic packing machine and solutions in the last two decades.  Our machines and solutions are accepted and favored by the market.

Missioned "Reduce your packaging total costs", Our services not limited to provide automatic packing systems which customized to the client and also upgrading your existing machines to smart and automatic.

The automatic packaging machine is used as a fully automatic working machine for packaging production and manufacturing work. Like other automatic working machines, the processing technology uses the auxiliary operation of the machine to be fully automated by the machine. The automatic cycle is completed. The packaging machine of automatic packaging machine has the characteristics of fast, high efficiency, precision, economy, applicability and can pack a variety of objects. It is the most common kind of machinery in the production and manufacture of people. The maintenance of the automatic packaging machine is critical, and the maintenance of the fully automatic stretch vacuum packaging machine is too low.


The automatic packaging machine is the development direction of packaging production work machinery, and requires the development of multi-energy, high-speed and high efficiency. In order to extend the life of the automatic packaging machine, how to maintain the automatic packaging machine?First, add lubricants periodically. Due to the long-term work, the internal machine is not properly worn, and the internals are not suitable. The proper application of the lubricant can help the better operation. It is recommended to add it every 80 days.Second, security. The standard pressure of the automatic screw packing machine is 0.3MPa, and should not be adjusted too large or too small. Otherwise it will cause the performance of the machine to be paralyzed. Third, the internal inspection of the machine. Every time the machine is in operation, the inside of the machine must be inspected. The inspection items include air source, power supply, vibrating plate cleaning, thermocouple, cutting knife, etc., to ensure the quality of each machine work.Third, in the mobile automatic screw packaging machine must ensure the erect state, avoid bumps, tilts, down.Fourth, the internal inspection of machinery and equipment. Always check the inside of the machine before each machine is run. The inspection head includes gas source, power supply, vibrating plate cleaning, thermocouple, cutting knife, etc., to ensure the quality of each machine work.5. When moving the automatic screw packing machine, it must be ensured that it is upright and strong, remembering bumps, skews and falling.