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Baking Industry Packaging Development Trend

Mar 16, 2019

First ,With the continuous development of China's economy, the continuous updating of technology, the competitiveness of the baking and packaging industry continues to increase, the scale of the industry continues to expand, the enterprise develops rapidly, and the baking maintains the rapid growth of economies of scale. Thanks to the strong domestic market demand, China's bakery packaging industry has shown a healthy, rapid and sustainable development. However, affected by national policies, the high-qualitymarket for baking, especially the high quality market for moon cakes, is no longer the case. The high-quality over-packaging market represented by moon cakes is shrinking, while the mid-quality and mid-to-high-quality markets are less affected by policies, and the business is growing rapidly. The proportion of high-quality products is very large. The number and area of exhibitors of such enterprises have doubled compared with the previous year, and the participation is highly motivated. The promotion of people's living standards, coupled with the increasing emphasis on food safety issues, the low quality products companies reflect the obvious decline in sales, the enthusiasm for participation declined, and the low-quality market is also shrinking. A new competitive landscape of baking packaging is taking shape.

Second, small packaging grows faster, and future growth can be expected. With the enhancement of health awareness and the diversification of personal tastes, consumers are turning to freshly baked bread in the bakery. Small portions and single-serve snacks can satisfy the consumer's special preference for portable control and portable. The demand for snacks, although small packages have a higher unit cost. It is expected that the form of small share packaging has great development prospects.

Third, the baking food packaging is moving toward the "paper era." Paper-based packaging based on paper and cardboard has the advantages of low cost, resource saving, easy machining, environmental protection, pollution-free, easy recycling and recycling. In addition, with the advancement of the papermaking process, paper materials have evolved from traditional single to diversified varieties and functional specialization. Packaging designers can use the characteristics of paper to create the perfect baking paper. So baked food packaging has entered the era of paper packaging. Paper packaging also provides a guarantee for the safety of baked goods.

Fourth, baking packaging is more creative, fun, fashionable and practical. The colorful baking package is a beautiful landscape in the baking exhibition. Baking packaging is an important fashion product. Future baking packaging will be more closely integrated with baking products. With three-dimensional development, color and pattern are more creative and trendy. Baking packaging will also take into account various needs such as product display and carrying, and be more practical to increase customer satisfaction. Attractive. In the face of the rapid development of the baking industry, a variety of baking packaging, packaging materials and technical equipment that manufacturers must pay attention to is still a key issue.