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Basic Maintenance And Maintenance Of Packing Machine

Sep 20, 2018

Now the packaging machine occupies an important position in the industry, the application of packaging machinery and equipment is more and more, for packaging machinery maintenance and maintenance is also very important, so in daily use to do daily maintenance and maintenance of the packaging machine is also very important, the following is to say the basic maintenance and maintenance of packaging machine.

1, after the shutdown should be timely clean metering part, such as the packaging is granulated sugar, green powder, salt, etc., must ensure that each class clean the tray and turntable, so that it is not affected by corrosion.

2, for the heat sealing body, should always clean, to ensure that the sealing texture clear.

3, photoelectric tracking light head, namely the electric eye, should also be timed cleaning, to ensure that the small error tracking cursor.

4, the material on the plate scattered materials, need to clean up in time, keep the mechanical clean.

5, regularly clean the dust in the electronic control box, in case of poor contact and other failures. The newly-installed packaging machine must check the drive and moving parts for fastening, refueling and maintenance within one week of use, and must check and maintain regularly every month.