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Food Packaging Machine Trends

Dec 21, 2018

In recent years, the transformation of packaging machinery towards high-end has gradually revealed its strong development momentum, and the automation and intelligence of equipment will be greatly improved. Therefore, domestic packaging machinery manufacturers will soon lead to the test of industrial transformation and upgrading. In the past five years, China's food and packaging machinery industry has grown at an average annual growth rate of 11%-12%. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for food has increased, and there is bound to be higher requirements and greater for food packaging. Demand, the future of the food and packaging machinery industry will usher in a rare development opportunity. 

Insiders pointed out that relevant experts believe that the technical content of packaging products is reflected in the processing technology and technical equipment, the process is the core means, equipment is the key to research and development, verification, manufacturing, packaging machinery in the packaging process dominates. Although China has accelerated the research and development of technological innovation, it has narrowed the gap with the advanced level of the industry. 

The development prospects of the packaging machinery industry are very optimistic, but only by continuously achieving innovation breakthroughs can we keep up with the changes in demand, grasp the initiative of the market, and promote the development of the industry towards high-end and intelligent. Therefore, in the current favorable period of the policy, domestic packaging machinery is actively transforming and upgrading, and marching into the field of high-end and intelligent automatic packaging lines to adapt to the rapid expansion of the current food and pharmaceutical industries and obtain a better market. opportunity. The current situation and future of China's food packaging machinery industry At present, under the premise of continuous development of the packaging industry, we can still see the contradiction in the packaging machinery industry. Enterprises can't cope with the changes in the situation. The development ideas of the industry are not compatible with the development of the situation; The innovation ability is weak, the process technology is progressing slowly, the new product development has not fundamentally got rid of the situation of imitation research and tracking, and the competitiveness is not strong. The economic growth and efficiency improvement are still mainly driven by scale. The packaging machinery industry faces many unfavorable factors. The most urgent thing is to change the development mode of various enterprises in the packaging machinery industry. 

Enterprises should stand on a new starting point to examine and solve various contradictions and problems, change the development concept, and strengthen independent innovation. Enhance market awareness and vigorously promote the development of the domestic packaging machinery industry. To change the status quo of the packaging machinery industry and promote the development of packaging machinery, the industry should pay attention to the development trend of packaging machinery while making great strides.