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How Is China Food Packaging Machine Is It Good?

Jan 08, 2019

First, internationally renowned food packaging machinery manufacturers continue to promote advanced products to China, coupled with the continuous innovation and development of domestic packaging machinery enterprises, the products launched are more and more advanced in technology, complete in categories, and cheap, which is to expand the industry. The Chinese market has laid a material foundation.

      Second, the Chinese government has placed food safety at an unprecedentedly important position and has been strongly controlled through government actions, legal measures, market access, etc., which inevitably leads food production and processing enterprises to substantially improve equipment levels to ensure product quality. To achieve the standard; more intense market competition will inevitably lead to continuous innovation in product development and product packaging. In the historical period of the transformation and upgrading of China's food production and processing enterprises, the huge business opportunities of the food packaging machinery industry are self-evident.

      Third, China has already determined the urbanization development strategy that has lasted for 20 years. As China's urban population increases, the traditional food supply chain will be broken. Retail formats such as supermarkets and chain stores will inevitably replace the fragmented retail mode; food packaging will be more standardized. Standardized, bulk foods in the farmer's market will gradually be replaced by pre-packaged foods; these need the support of developed food packaging machinery and equipment technology, which will bring continuous and huge development opportunities for the food packaging machine industry.

      Fourth, as the national income, especially the wages of industrial workers, continues to grow, China's labor costs will continue to increase; the rise in labor costs will force food manufacturers to use more automated equipment to reduce human resource costs. Bringing room for development in the food packaging machinery industry.

      The forum speakers are experts from PMMI American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association, ABB Engineering Co., Ltd., MULTIVAC Modivik, PPMA British Processing and Packaging Machinery Association, and Ishida Electronic Weighing Apparatus. They shared five presentations on industry market data analysis and automation trends, automation technology applications and more. The forum revealed a strong signal: the world food packaging machinery technology represented by intelligence and automation has already prepared for the huge demand of the Chinese market. Several technical leaders from food production enterprises in Sichuan and Yunnan told reporters that they made a special trip to participate in this forum, got the latest information, learned about the international leading technology, and most importantly, saw the technology and equipment innovation lead the food production and processing enterprises. The general trend of transformation and upgrading.

   Mr. Yan Nanjie, Chief Representative of the American Food Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association, attended the International Machinery Technology Exchange Forum and gave a lecture. Intermittently, Wei Nanjie accepted an exclusive interview with this reporter. Yan Nanjie said that the association has long been committed to building communication and cooperation between American and Canadian industry companies and China. The special group participation in the sugar and wine party is based on the importance attached to the Chinese market. He told reporters that according to the survey of the association, in the next few years, the Asia-Pacific region will become the main growth market for global food packaging machinery, of which China will be the largest market; in terms of packaging, the demand for China in the future will exceed 2370 per year. The demand for medium and high-end food machinery will also rise steadily, and it is definitely the “China opportunity” for the international food packaging machinery industry.