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New Item Large Type Packaging 1000 Film Width Pillow Packing Machine

Feb 22, 2019

We are the OEM factory for the packing machine, Rencently We make a new wide and large type packing machine for flow pack successfully, which is required by customer , it packs the stack bag (which have many small bag into a large bag pack) ,this is in China Packing Machin Factory Is Rarely done,i think that is the new required in the market, After all. the labour is expensive and hard to manage in all over the world,so it will be the trend to the mechanical! at this stage we just make a semi-auto packaging and product need hand to put on the feeding conveyor, so the speed cannot make fast, Our Engineer will designed a full automatic one line for this in the future, after  our research and pratic, one day we can do it best.

 Let introduce the KL-1000x  1000 Film width flow pack as below:



video link: