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Packaging Machine Use Failure Analysis And Solutions Large Collection

Sep 20, 2018

Engaged in packaging machinery industry for so many years, often see someone in Baidu know the question of some packaging machinery repair, which to a certain extent they bought the packaging machine has not been perfect after-sales service. Packaging machinery has a problem should be to find the manufacturer's after-sales service department, it is estimated that they are looking for manufacturers without fruit of the situation only to think of online help, then like this situation products in addition to the problem manufacturers are not responsible for, in fact, they sometimes said the problem is only a small problem just,

If the customer is able to grasp some of the common problems of packaging machinery solutions can be handled by themselves, so that you can more improve production efficiency. So small make up today, these common problem solving methods, hope to be helpful to everyone, I hope you encounter some equipment failure can be the first time to get a proper solution.

Packaging machinery used for a long time, especially in the continuous work, overload situation, prone to some electrical and mechanical problems:

A. Heating temperature jump:


1. See if the accumulated carbon on the collector ring leads to poor thermocouple contact;

2. Check whether the thermocouple wiring is loose and oxidized on the collecting ring and the carbon brush frame

3. Check whether the carbon brush frame aging Spring no tensile force;

Packaging machine Heating temperature Jump treatment:

1. Use paper or sandpaper to grind the collecting ring to remove carbon;

2. Tighten the thermocouple wire of each terminal on the carbon brush holder of the collecting ring; 3. Replace the carbon brush holder;