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Link Bag Packaging Machine For Disposable Spoon

Spoon link bag packaging machine, automatic cutting and packaging ,link bag ,this machine point is can pack with PE film, for more environmental....
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With the accelerated pace of life in the world, the production of food on the spot has become a spokesperson for luxury goods, and more and more packaging products have entered people's lives. As long as you feel hungry on the car, on the road, or in the office, open the packaged food, everything is so convenient. Food packaging automation is breaking into the lives of the people with lightning speed, and it is a fast-paced lifestyle!

The foreign packaging industry is developing towards full automation. The large number of automatic packaging machines and automatic packaging lines can achieve high efficiency and low cost. As the fastest-growing economic entity, China is growing into a manufacturing and packaging center in the world, and the demand for various automated packaging production lines will be further enhanced.


PE film link bag packaging spoon packaging machine, horizontal package  spoon automatic packaging machine, single pcs yogurt spoon link packaging machine,Scope of application:Fragile materials: PP spoon, transparent small spoon, yogurt spoon, cake spoon, small plastic parts, hardware and so on.                            Main performance and structural features:1. Manual metering.2. Chain bucket conveyor for easy delivery or multiple material packaging.3. It is also possible to customize the automatic feeding device according to the material.

Technical specifications

Model : KLS220

Film width: Max. 220mm

Bag length :25-60mm

Bag width :40-100mm

Product height :Max.30mm

Film roll diameter :Max. 320mm

Packing speed :10-90 packs / minute

Power Specifications :220V, 50/60HZ, 2.5KW

Machine size :(L) 2150X (W) 920X (H) 1380

Machine weight :550kg


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