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Peanut Packing Machine

According to customer needs, the seal can be made into a three-side seal, a four-side seal or a back seal. It can automatically complete the whole process of bag making, metering, filling, sealing, printing production date, easy tearing, cutting and counting. It is suitable for the packaging of granular, strip and flake solid materials such as puffed food, shrimp, candy, peanut, popcorn and rice....
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peanut packing machine is Granular quantitative weighing packaging machine 

The granular quantitative weighing and packaging machine is a unified type packaging machine for traditional granular materials. The overall structure consists of the feeding system, the material carrier (bin), the weighing system (usually the structure is electronic scale or cup volume), the control system, and the discharging system ( Subdivided according to the type of packaging), molding system (complete product sealing, production date printing, placement, packing, etc.).


peanut packing machine features:


  1. PLC control system, humanized design, high degree of automation, fault self-alarm, self-stop, self-diagnosis, safe and simple to use, fast maintenance.

2, automatically complete the measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and other work.

3, the modular design of the whole machine, strong versatility, can achieve the purpose of multi-purpose by replacing different metering devices, saving valuable factory investment.

4. The stepping motion control system is used to control the drawing bag, and the precision is high, and the length of the bag can be changed without replacing parts.

5. Adjust the stepless speed regulation mechanism within the rated range to realize the control of the bag speed

.6, using advanced color makrk tracking system, when packaging color-coded packaging materials, you can get a complete trademark pattern

.7. The high-quality stainless steel is used in contact with the materials to ensure that the materials in the working process are free of pollution, the machine is easy to clean, and fully meet the requirements of pharmaceutical GMP and food QS quality safety certification

.8. The electrical control part adopts well-known brand electrical components and step control system to ensure stable operation of the machine and achieve high-efficiency, low-fault mass production.

peanut packing machine  Tech data


Item No


Film width


Film thickness


Bag length


Bag width


Measuring ranges


Film roll diameter


Packaging speed




Machine weight


Packaging film



Optional Parts

1.SCM and step motor controller 

2.Electromagnetic on-off control 

3.Linked bags control device  

4. Date printer with ribbon coder 

5. Conveyor

6.Gas filling Deivce

7.Euro Hole

peanut packing machine pacaging sample:


Tips: How to choose which model is suitable for packaging your own products:

  Product: [(width x 2) + (height x 2)] + 20mm = film width (mm)

The product size calculation result cannot be larger than the film width of the mechanical model.


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