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Sachet Honey Packaging Machine

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Our company specializes in the production of various non-standard machines. The packaging machine determines the machine model according to the product size. Therefore, when customers are consulting the price information of the machine, please try to display the physical sample or the product size. Non-standard products are detailed description of the nature of the product so that the salesperson can accurately give you the quotation and related information.

automatic bagged honey packaging machine Liquid paste sauce packaging machineIt is suitable for automatic packaging of liquid materials in food, medicine and chemical products, such as pesticides, shampoos, body washes, creams, pastes, seasoning oils, jams, ketchups, honey and other liquid materials.

honey packaging machine  Main performance and structural characteristics of liquid paste sauce packaging machine:

1. Stepper motor control, the system has high precision, no need to adjust other components can change the length of the bag, and accurate. A complete logo pattern is available when packaging the color-coded packaging material.

2. The part of the packaging film adopts a self-weight motor paper-feeding structure, and the length of the paper feeding paper is doubled, and the bag is flat and good. Stepless adjustment speed and bag length, packaging speed and bag length can be adjusted steplessly within the rated range, no need to replace parts.

3. The upper and lower turntables are automatically adjusted by the screw, so that the packaging machine can complete the metering adjustment during work.

4. The design adopts unique embedded sealing, reinforced heat sealing mechanism, intelligent temperature controller temperature control, good heat balance, good adaptability to various packaging materials, low noise, clear sealing texture and strong sealing.

5. Rotary hob cutting bag mechanism: According to the needs of users, by changing the tool, the one-line cutting and the pattern cutting can be cut off in a straight line, so that the cutting knife can be stable and reliable when the bag is cut, and the bag is easy to operate.Sealing form: three-side sealing, four-side sealing

Main technical parameters of liquid paste sauce packaging machine:

Production capacity: 40-70bag/min 

 Measuring range: 1-50 (optional 50-100 ml)

Bag size: length (L) 50-120mm width (W) 40-100mm

Total power: 1.2KWNet weight: 235KGPower supply v

oltage: 380V 50Hz 220V 50-60Hz

Packaging materials: paper / polyethylene, polyester / aluminum foil / polyethylene, nylon / polyethylene, tea filter paper, etc.Dimensions: 1100 (L) × 630 (W) × 1760 (H) mm

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