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packing machine for powderPowder sachet packaging machine

powder packaging machine

1、200L hopper
3、Screw elevator
4、50L hopper 
5、Packing|Packaging machine 
6、Finished product conveyor

product processing:

Start machine till the temperature constant→set the parameters(bag length and packing weight)→feeding to storage hopper-vibrating material to bucket→lifting material to auger filler→auger screw measure the material →date printing→forming bag→filling→sealing→cutting→exit conveying;(driving film by a pair of belt:low resistance,driving film fast);     

packaging sample:


powder packagingpowder (2)

I. The major performance and structural features

*Advanced design for complete machine, reasonable structure, convenient adjusting

operation and maintenance;

* standard positioning with servo film transporting system; stable for transporting

film with two synchronous belts;

* high automation with auto correction function;* minimize the consumption with

multiple kinds of auto warning protection function

* supported by metric device, the machine can automatically complete all packing

processes from measuring, feeding, filling,


Early-stage communication — sufficient communication with you, upon your request, several members of the team carry out optimum conceptual design after discussion.


Interim production — we keep in contact with you all the way from production of parts, equipment assembly and formation, assembly and commissioning at the production site to delivery decision.

Final-stage commissioning — our professional service personnel arrive at your place to conduct commissioning to your satisfaction.

  The use of packaging machines, so that food packaging and other packaging not only to achieve a standardized production to ensure product quality and stability, and effectively avoid the manual production process of food production due to human contact may produce cross-contamination, and further ensure the food safety.

II. Range of configuration

We will confirm your packing material, packing weight, bag size, bag type, packing speed and other requirements when we receive your inquiry, and then give u the proposal according to your requirements. so every machine is customized to meet your needs well.

* The machine can be supported by auto weighing machine, meter glass dosing

machine, manual batch conveyor and spiral dosing machine. It has an extensive range

of package, suitable for packing of each kind of item such as grains, blocks, bars

and powder, etc.

Suitable for different kind of powder: turmeric powder,masala powder,detergent powder,chilli powder,rice powder,washing powder,haldi powder,spice powder, flour, coffee powder, coconut powder and so on


Technical Specifications of powder packaging machine:



                    Bag size

                    L (60-300) * W (40-200) mm

                    Packing speed

                    5-60 bags/min

                    Measuring range

                    1000 ml (max)

                    Max width of film roll

                    ≤420 mm

                    Driving film

                    By a pair of belt

                    Air consumption

                    0.6 mpa

                    Gas consumption

                    0.4 m3/min

                    Power requirement

                    2.2kw,220 V, 50 HZ

                    Machine size

                    L 1320 * W 920 * H 1392 mm

                    Machine weight


                    Sealing Type: Pillow bag


  1. All machine made by stainless steel 304,lifting by oil pressure.

2.Use unique mechanical transmission, to keep the structure simple and easy to operation, with good stability and strong overload capacity.

3.Filling by servo motor, High location and accuracy, high speed with high torque, it can change the rotate speed, stable running with long life.

4.Mixing by no need maintenance motor export from TAIWAN. Low noise, long life and lifelong no need to repair.

5.Design special tracking device for product proportion, Overcome the weight accuracy that cause by product proportion change.

6.Full seal organic glass and stainless steel material container, can seal the material totally, ensure the high percent of nitrogen, the discharge device equip with dust collection device.

7.For easy flow material equip with special discharge leakproof valve, to prevent the material leak out.

Specification of the Auger filler  粉剂头3

                    Auger filler parameter

                    Filling system:



                    10-5000g(change auger)

                    Weighing range:






                    Filling speed:



                    220v or 380v

                    Total power:


                    Material hopper:




Specification of Screw conveyor   conveyor (2)

                    Auger elevator parameter

                    Lifting height:


                    Lifting volume:

                    3 cubic meter/hour


                    Customized available


                    Stainless steel


                    220v or 380v

                    Feeding speed:



Output Conveyor 




                    Conveying height:


                    Total power:






1.Free consultation service before, during, and after sales;

2.Free project planning and design services;

3.Free debugging of equipment until everything is functional;

4.Free management of equipments' long distance shipping;

5.Free training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

6.Free new production techniques and formulas;

7.Provide 1 year complete warrantee and lifetime  maintenance service;

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