small bag packaging for sanitary napkins packing machine ,sanitary pad diaper packaging machine

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sanitary pad diaper packaging machine

sanitary napkins packing machine ,sanitary pad diaper packaging machine,flowpack bga packaging




1. Dual conversion control, saving time and bags.
2. Easy operation, convenient and quick parameter setting.
3. PLC control, stable performance, upgraded.
4 .High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing
5. Suitable for packaging different materials.
6 .Self failure diagnosis, clear failure display. Positioned stop function, no sticking knife or wasting film.
7. Double encoder for stable performance. 
8.Adding code system, credible Packaging.
9. Simplest automatic packaging can achieve high speed.
10 .Optional material-cutting proof device, guarantee for using.
11. Reciprocating sealing device enables firmer sealing and no loss of film.

Product Name:Sanitary Pad Packing Machine



Film Roll Width

Max 400mm

Packing Speed

30-180 bags/min

Bag Width


Bag Length


Product Height

Max 45mm


220V 50HZ/60HZ 2.6KVA

Machine Size


Products such as sanitary napkins and diapers are numerous brands. Consumers have difficulty choosing. Therefore, the manufacturer produced a product called a trial. It is a small bag containing one or two pieces for trial use by customers. This not only raised the interest of the customer's product. It also allows customers to try it out for free. Conducive to the promotion and sales of the brand. It used to be artificially packaged. The speed is not fast, because there is a side seal is sealed with a sealing machine. The sealing is not flat and wrinkled, which is not conducive to the product grade. The sealing of the machine is beautiful and neat. Safer and healthier. And you can pack more than 80 bags in one minute. One year to save the cost of buying this packaging machine. Therefore, purchasing packaging machines is a great tool to save costs.

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