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fresh carrot flow packaging machine

The carrot automatic vegetable packaging machine is an advanced equipment for packaging various solid-state and regular-shaped objects in various composite films, paper films, aluminum films and the like. With advanced design and reasonable structure, the whole machine adopts PLC computer control, and the main engine speed frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. The sealing of the finished product is clear and the sealing performance is good.





Applicable to the packaging of vegetables, fruits and other products, the size of the product packaging.

Main performance characteristics

1. The main control of the whole machine adopts PLC program control, which has stable performance and simple operation.

2. The human-machine interface is displayed in Chinese, setting storage, convenient and fast.

3. The main motor is equipped with high-quality AC inverter to realize stepless speed change.

4, high-precision photoelectric detection and tracking, two-way automatic compensation ** reliable.

5, the bag length adjustment uses a toothed chain type continuously variable transmission, durable and accurate.

6, using the lower film color mark positioning, especially for the packaging of random solid items in bulk, high stability.

7, can be configured date, batch number coding device.


Uptional device :

1. Coder: Automatically print the date, eliminating the need for manual printing

2 Punch machine: Some high-breathing fruits and vegetables are prone to generate a lot of water vapor, and the holes can be breathable to prevent the water vapor from being too large and corrupt.

3. Inflating function: fill the package with the corresponding gas to achieve the purpose of preservation






Film width

Max. 600mm

Bag length


Bag width


Product height


Flim roll

Max. 320mm

Packaging rate




Machine size


Machine weight



Can  Add Hole machine


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